First House Vote Doesn’t End Well for McCarthy

During Tuesday’s first vote, Kevin McCarthy, House Republican Leader, failed to get the 218 votes necessary to be elected next House Speaker.

Although the majority of votes were split between Hakeem Jeffries and Andy Biggs, Republicans from California and Arizona respectively, no candidate received more than half the vote (218), which is the required number to win the election. Fox News explains that it has been almost a century since the majority party failed to elect a speaker by the first vote.

It was widely believed that McCarthy would require more than one round to win, given that Republicans had previously voted against McCarthy.

Five conservatives, led by Biggs (R-Fla.), have made it clear that they won’t support McCarthy in any circumstance and called for him to step down to make way for a better candidate.

Gaetz stated that McCarthy’s views, positions, and trust issues are real. He told reporters prior to the vote. You can’t put the largest alligator in charge of draining the swamp.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., says McCarthy has been elected Speaker. She said that House Republicans were able to create a bold vision to get America back on track under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership.

The GOP is also dysfunctional.