Far-Left Pundit Ana Kasparian Has A Complete Meltdown Over The Cost Of Climate Change Policies

Ana Kasparian, a far-left YouTube pundit, exploded in anger at the price of liberal policies to combat global warming.

Kasparian commented on a member feed for the progressive YouTube channel “Young Turks”, along with Cenk Uygur.

As the progressives were discussing California’s plans to eliminate gas-powered cars, and gas stoves, Kasparian began a tirade about the high cost of building charging stations at her housing association.

She said that they had banned the sale of new gas-powered cars and gas stoves. “And so, technology at your home, gas stove at your house, if it breaks, it’s not possible to purchase a new one. It gets more difficult.

Uygur responded, “I get it. But that’s the normal bumps on the road as we transition to things.”

“I know. But Cenk. Don’t minimize the financial burdens associated these things. OK?” She replied.

Kasparian stated, “Because it is literally freaking me out about the charging stations thing.” To pay it, we’re going to take out a huge f***ing loan! The f***ing government is not going to help us with that!

“Didn’t you ask the guys, are there tax credits?” Kasparian gave Uygur a serious look while he asked. “But seriously, you claim there’s no government assistance to transition you guys?”

“Cenk. “Cenk. she interjected.

Uygur tried to console Kasparian but she kept ranting about the costs of green policies.

“I want to do something to combat climate change, but that is not my problem here. Kasparian said that my issue is how we are forced to make these changes, which can be a financial burden and a huge inconvenience with little or no help.

“And the government’s solution in terms of ‘no you do not get financial benefits’ is to give tax credits!”

Kasparian demanded that the government directly pay for the costly green energy policies they were using.

“No, I don’t want tax credits!” Give me the money! Please give the money. She yelled.

She said, “Don’t tell my this bulls*** about the need to buy some new ficking thing because government’s forcing it on me. And then, like, after I file taxes, there’s probably a portion of that purchase that may be tax deductible.”

“Like f*** off!” She exclaimed. It’s so bad! It’s like pressure pressure pressure! It’s too much! !

Kasparian’s complaint was very similar to those of Republicans and other conservative critics regarding the far-left green energy policies. Uygar agreed with Kasparian that liberal policies demanded too much of the average person and middle class.

“Oh, the middle class is one of the most corrupt groups in the country!” Kasparian exclaimed.