Biden Seeks Hunter’s Help to Explain Things During Ireland Visit

Joe Biden was in Northern Ireland to commemorate the Good Friday peace agreement. I reported how he appeared confused about where his office was and how there was a huge security breach with information about the trip and security personnel being dropped in the street.

He’s now making stops in Ireland including Dundalk, County Louth, and Carlingford Castle. His sister Valerie Biden Owens, and Hunter, his son, are with him. It is not clear why Hunter is traveling with him or whether Biden will reimburse the government for Hunter and his sister. Let’s just hope Hunter doesn’t have any business while he’s away.

Biden is known for telling those sitting over him to “Don’t jump at any place he speaks.” He keeps doing it, even though it isn’t funny. He’s now extended the same gesture to those below him as he did while he was strolling around Carlingford Castle.

The handlers allowed Biden to talk to several children and then let him go. Hunter is not the only one you can see here, but Joe’s sister, Joe the woman in the green jacket next to Hunter.

You can clearly see Hunter telling Joe at the end that another child has a question.

This is when everything starts to go south. Biden is not able to understand the child’s question, but he listens. Biden’s answer to the kid was: He replied to the child, “Making certain that we don’t all have COVID. Why, what are you talking about?

Joe Biden is confused and Hunter must step in to translate. Joe doesn’t understand what the kid wants. It’s fine to disagree with someone. But it’s not okay to question the motives of their judgment.

Imagine a small child hearing this and asking what it means to be the “key to success.” I have no idea. I think the poor children must have been confused. Maybe they asked their parents “Mommy,” what he meant. He was supposed to mention hard work, honesty, and doing good. This would be something that a child could understand and be inspired by. This is not some bizarre Biden gobbledygook.

How much trouble do we have when Hunter has to translate for Joe and Biden cannot even understand what the kid was trying to say to him? How is he supposed to understand all the complex diplomatic conversations he’d have to take part in? While we only see the obvious gaffes, I am amazed at how many hidden things are happening behind the scenes. And how much are our lives being threatened by Biden’s problems?