Evidence Grows Proving That Transgenderism Is a Social Contagion

Recent years have seen a disturbing trend of transgender youth identifying themselves as such. Transgender identity, once associated with men, has become more popular among women. The surge in transgender identity is being attributed to peer influence, according to data. Some transgender advocates now admit that this is a problem.

The transgender cult claims that the rapid rise in transgender identity is due to the growing acceptance of transgender people and encouraging them to keep their identities private. Others point out that transgender ID is a social contagion that makes young people mistakenly identify themselves as transgender.

A study in Plos One examined 256 parents whose children had experienced rapid gender dysphoria. According to the Daily Caller, 86.7 percent of teens either began spending more time online or joined a friend group that included at least one transgender person before identifying themselves as transgender. The study was designed to examine growing reports that parents are reporting their children adopting transgender identities suddenly after puberty, possibly due to peer pressure. The majority of transgender parents identified in 36.8% of the friendship group reports. Transgender parents also reported a decrease in the mental health of their children and in parent-child relationships after adopting transgender identities.

“I believe the far-right people who claim it’s all about social influence are wrong. People on the far right who claim there cannot be social influence are also wrong,” Dr. Erica Anderson (transgender psychologist) told The Daily Caller. “Adolescents can be influenced by their peers so to say that there cannot be any influence on them is absurd and contradicts everything we know about teenagers.”

Anderson is a supporter of gender transitions but has voiced concern about the trend to force gender transition procedures onto children without psychological screening.

He stated, “I don’t believe there was a huge hidden number of transgender people in the previous generations.”

Between 2020 and 2021, the number of diagnoses for childhood gender dysphoria jumped by 70%. This is likely due to the floods of content on social media platforms such as TikTok that promote gender transitioning.

“The rising rates of transgender identity are due to a combination: of social isolation, the pandemic, and an increase in social media use. Anderson stated that it is sad that there are TikTok medical providers telling children that they should consider changing if they don’t like their bodies. It’s terrible that children receive this advice from strangers online, many of whom don’t have any medical qualifications.