Alyssa Milano Throws a Virtue Signaling Fit at Elon Musk, and He Has Thoughts

Twitter’s takeover by Elon Musk has brought back a lot of joy.

The most hilarious thing has been the often hypocritical virtue signaling by liberals, who now believe that Musk is “literally Hitler”, for wanting free speech on the site. Last weekend we saw CBS leave the site out of an “abundance of caution.” But they returned to their mocking. There was also the Never Trumper George Conway who made a huge declaration about leaving the site and is still posting there. Elon Musk said that some people can’t let him go.

Alyssa Milano is the latest virtue signaler. She proudly stated that she “gave away her Tesla” to buy a Volkswagen electric car.

Milano stated that advertisers cannot buy space on Twitter. “Publicly traded companies’  products being pushed into alignment with hate, white supremacy doesn’t seem like a winning business model.”

There are many things to be proud of.

I don’t see the hate and white supremacy she is ranting about. She seems to be thinking about it. She doesn’t like “white supremacy”.

A few years back, she used to virtue signal about purchasing the Tesla.

Elon Musk wouldn’t be able to give her Tesla back if she did. If she meant that she traded it for a Volkswagen, then she still owes Tesla the money.

Is she even aware of the history of Volkswagen? She attacks a man who wants freedom of speech so she can embrace a company founded by the Nazis. Under the Nazis, the Volkswagen plant contained eight forced labor camps and four concentration camps. Although the company was eventually taken over by other companies after the war it still retains its history. Milano isn’t the sharpest of tools. She flees from someone who wants freedom of speech at their company while she purchases a vehicle from a company founded by white supremacists.

People also highlighted the VW emissions scandal. This is where VW engineers programmed cars to pass inspections, but they emit more real-world emissions. This didn’t seem like it affected her decision, or maybe she wasn’t as aware of the connection with the Nazis.

She also chastises advertisers. She does this while she is on Twitter. She is still there. Why is Musk still there? Why is she still on the site?

It’s simple. The same goes for CBS: Musk and Twitter are more important than they are. Musk would not shed a tear if Milano were to leave, but she would lose some of her liberal following, which helps her feel important and supports her. She isn’t willing to lose that.

Milano was mocked for her absurd take, it’s obvious.

Elon Musk was one of the many people who found the irony in Alyssa’s tantrum amusing.