Even Though Biden Is Trashing Them, Red States Are Saving Him

You’ve likely had headaches from time to time if you have been paying attention to White House messaging. It is amazing to see the number of contradictions and spin being presented. The biggest issue that the administration has been most obtuse about is job growth.

The last year has been a huge success, according to White House Chief Of Staff Ron Klain. Klain says it doesn’t matter if the government destroyed millions of jobs before some less number returned. It doesn’t matter what context says, it matters that they are “creating job opportunities.”

However, context is important. Many on the right believe that red states have defied Biden’s policies and have contributed to any marginal economic growth that we have seen as a nation. We now have evidence of this.

16 of the 20 top states for job recovery since the pandemic started are Republican-led. Two of the four Democrat-led States on the list are red states, with Democrat governors.

What does this tell us? It shows us that the most economically successful states in America are those that have not paid attention to Joe Biden or Anthony Fauci. It seems absurd that the president would try to claim credit for the job growth he directly stomped to create. But that’s precisely what he is doing. Worse, he continues to trash the very red states which have provided his administration its only hope of survival. That’s a lot of gratitude!

As I have said before, a dog with three legs could become president and produce better results. Why? Biden was simply required to stay out of the way, and jobs would have exploded organically. It was impossible for him to do so, and the Democrat-led States that have followed his example continue to be an economic burden on the country. Month after month, overall job growth has fallen well below expectations. This is not due to Mississippi and Texas. This is because, among other things, New York and California are still governing as if it’s June 2020.

I am afraid that the nation will not get out of this slump until November’s election results force it to. You might finally see these blue bastions changing their course if and when Democrats are defeated. You can expect bumpy rides, with the only relief coming from the states that Biden cannot stop complaining about.