CEO’s Are The Next Target To Support Build Back Better

The White House plans to host a meeting between President Joe Biden, CEOs, and other executives on Wednesday to discuss how to get them to hype Build Back Better. Reuters reports the CEOs at Ford, General Motors and Corning are among the participants along with other CEOs.

According to Reuters Biden is currently meeting with these corporate leaders in order to discuss his pet legislation which has so far failed.

According to a White House official, Biden will meet with CEOs who are in favor of Build Back Better in order to discuss how his (BBB), agenda will increase American competitiveness, improve worker productivity, workforce participation, lower long-term inflation, and support business growth.

Biden is trying to ensure that corporate America sings the same songbook as the administration or the Congressional Democrats.

Biden is most proud of his tax breaks for electric cars. BBB offers a $12,500 tax incentive to buy an electric car (assuming the vehicle is made in the United States), as well as a $4,000 tax cut for used EVs, and incentives for businesses to use EVs in their fleet.

Biden wants to see 50% EV use in the U.S. by 2030. To make this happen, he is willing to lend billions to the auto industry.

Corporate CEOs are interested to discuss the child tax credits and other child-care provisions in BBB.

Is this really the new push by CEOs? It was almost painful to see the gradual death of BBB as it existed in its original form.

Already, the president has admitted to some degree of defeat. Biden stated last week that he might have to break down BBB into smaller bites so Congress can digest it.

He stated, “I believe we can break up the package, get as many as we can now, and come back to fight for the rest later.”

This CEO push might not be enough, however. The Democrats hold the smallest majority in both the Senate and Sens. The president has faced a difficult task in obtaining any legislation he desires, despite Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.).

Joe Biden is a man of great heart. Biden is desperate for some kind of major accomplishment to take place during his first, and perhaps only, term in the Oval Office. Evidently, the bipartisan infrastructure bill was not enough. Joe Biden likely dreams every night of his historic legislative win.

Biden, like Don Quixote keeps trying to turn the tide at windmills in an effort to make Build Back Better’s success a reality. (This is not to be confused by Biden who recommended windmills for Colorado wildfire victims.