Even California Turns on Biden and Newsom as State Goes Down the Drain

It was beginning to seem like nothing could sway Californian opinions on the Democrats and their one-party government, which has been running the state into the ground since pushing for a failed high-speed railway project between two areas with deficient populations. However, The Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies released a poll showing Californians have finally had enough of President Joe Biden and Governor Gavin Newsom’s disastrous leadership.

The multi-billion-costing project was only the first of failed policies that have taken the Golden State from one of the most coveted places in the world to a communist bloc where any sane businessman has already fled for the greener pastures of Texas or Florida. California’s authoritarian Democrat government has been imposing COVID-19 lockdowns on its citizens, treating them like prisoners. However, voters have come out in large numbers to support Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom for 2020 and 2022.

California has been hit harder by inflation than any other state since then because of California’s Democrat policies that have hit businesses harder than anywhere else in the country. Newsom passed a mandate for trucking that requires California fleets to adhere to insane environmental standards, something no other state does. This makes the cost of transportation goods much higher than anywhere else. Californians pay more than $1 in taxes and fees for every gallon of gasoline. This translates to more than $6/gallon in many parts of the state.

Fires in California have caused homeowners insurance rates to skyrocket due to a lack of forest management. Even with the departure, there is a housing crisis. The San Francisco Bay Area still has the highest house prices in the nation and shows no signs of easing.

San Francisco, and other major Californian cities, have been completely run down and transformed into crime hotspots. It’s unsafe to get off of the freeway.

The Democrat leadership that is responsible for the disasters has been able to get by politically unharmed until now, even through 2023.

In the most recent Berkeley GIS poll, Joe Biden has finally a majority disapproving of his job as President. Californians finally reached a breaking point, as 52% expressed disgust for the president. The Democrats and Independents were the only ones to express disapproval since almost all of California’s Republicans disapproved of Biden’s position.

Gavin Newsom has a disapproval rate of 49%, while only 44% of Californians think he is doing good work. The 7% of people who do not know could be in the San Francisco homeless camps that are pumped up on fentanyl. However, they refused to comment because I was afraid to park my vehicle there and ask them their opinion.

According to the poll, there is no single issue where the Democrats have lost support with voters. It seems that the timing has more to do with the Democrat split on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, as liberals have been at each other’s throats about the subject over the past few weeks.

Despite the state’s troubles, the poll still shows Biden defeating President Trump in the 2024 election. Californians may hate the jobs Biden and Newsom are doing but not enough to make a change to fix the problems.