Elon Musk’s Tesla in Hot Water After Pledging to Uphold CCP Socialist Values

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and owner of Twitter may be adamant about his commitment to freedom of speech in America. However, he is constantly pandering to the Chinese Communist Party in order to earn big bucks in China where all businesses must report directly to the government. Musk reportedly signed a pledge upholding “core socialist values.” But is it okay to support a genocidal anti-American regime as long as it boosts one’s profit?

Breitbart, citing Financial Times, reported on Musk’s latest concession to the CCP in its July 9th report. Musk’s Tesla was reportedly one of the signatories in a “letter” of commitment signed this week during a Shanghai auto industry conference. Breitbart reported that Tesla and 15 other manufacturers, including Tesla’s largest Chinese rivals, were responding to CCP directives trying to end a pricing war. The signatories all pledged to adhere to “core socialist values.” That’s not so bad, is it?

This is not shocking at all. Any business operating in China will have to sell out to the CCP. According to Article 19 of CCP Company Law, all foreign companies operating in China must agree to the following: “The Chinese Communist Party can… establish its branch in companies to carry on activities of the Chinese Communist Party.” The company must provide the necessary conditions for the Party’s activities.

Tesla, and any other American company operating in China, must facilitate CCP operations and accept CCP factories into their organization. China also enforces a “civil-military” fusion, where all economic and technological spheres are accessible to the Chinese army.

Elon Musk’s excellent remarks on Twitter about the importance of free speech and the dangers of woke political views are only a part of his character. He has no problem with ignoring crimes committed by the CCP, including genocide and past mass murders, as long as profits are at stake. Musk is a liar.

Musk supported the CCP in its unjust claims against Taiwan, and Tesla received tax-exempt status almost immediately. Musk announced a new plant in China and then praised Chinese AI workers. He ignored the CCP legislation that all AI must adhere to “socialist values.” Musk wrote an article for China Cyberspace in August, “a magazine published by the Cyberspace Administration of China, the central agency in charge of internet regulation and control.” Musk’s article was an attempt to get the CCP interested in his microchip, space travel, and artificial intelligence projects.

Be prepared for some of Musk’s hypocrisy about freedom to soon be transferred to his American businesses. He has already appointed a World Economic Forum-loving stooge as CEO of Twitter. A Chinese Tesla executive was also promoted to head his American Tesla operations. Jesus said in The Bible that “By their fruit, you shall know them”, and Elon Musk has just promised to produce socialist rotten fruit.