Elon Musk Declares His Preferred Pronouns, and They’re Epic

Elon Musk is now Twitter’s CEO. He’s also the chief troll of the platform. It’s amazing. It was amazing to see liberals react when Musk tried to buy Twitter. Now they are being triggered almost daily by what he posts. Musk posted this meme in response to the latest edition of The Twitter Files, which detailed the attempt to censor Donald Trump.

Are there more secrets? They could be something else. The following meme maybe Musk’s clue:

Oh my… who knows what’s next? The coup de grace was delivered by another tweet, which might hint at something bigger that is about to be revealed. Musk said, very early Sunday morning: “My pronouns were Prosecute/Fauci.”

Although it is unclear if the statement refers to the forthcoming Twitter files or a general expression of derision towards Fauci, you can imagine that his epic tweet declaring that he used pronouns did not go down well with them, given the left’s love for Dr. Fauci as well as its brainwashing by the transgender movement.

Majorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, quickly supported Musk’s new pronouns. She said, “I affirm your pronouns Elon.”