A Journalist Gets It Right for a Change

Even before Tesla CEO Elon Tesla took over Twitter in October, we were treated to virtue signals galore by The Usual Suspects in the media (but again I repeat myself) about how they would be leaving the social networking platform for supposedly better pastures when his takeover was official.

It was indeed made official, and the race began to Mastodon, where things quickly turned hilariously into a Mean Girls club for easily-triggered media personalities.

However, in spite of the many threats to leave journalists who feel “unsafe” due to Musk’s top priorities of transparency and open dialogue, there are still a few courageous souls left in the media. One of these brave souls posted a simple but powerful message on Sunday which surprised many, including my own given his notorious past.

Brian Karem is probably the most annoying, if not the worst “reporter” in media. He took to Twitter and announced that, unlike others, he could not deal with Musk’s presence – and that he would remain there and not “spare Elon Musk any just criticism he merits”.

Although Karem, who has written for Playboy magazine, and has been a CNN analyst at times, is clearly an attention-seeking reporter (but then again, what other reporters aren’t as interested in attracting attention to different degrees?) He is a comedian who will go out of his way for his audience. His tweet made an important point.

You’ll not rush to leave if you are a journalist who cares about holding public officials accountable, no matter what side you may be on. You will not let that person down.

These pseudo-journalists often forget their true roles in questioning people in power or authority. Some even suggest that they should be protected from scrutiny as criticizing them could put them in danger.

This is not how journalism should work. A journalism major can figure out that uncomfortable truth.

It is sad that modern journalism has reached a point where a complete clown like Brian Karem can be considered the voice for reason. Yet, here we are.

According to the old saying, a broken clock can be right twice daily. Amazingly, Karem got this one right.