Elon Musk Chooses Perfect Venue To Condemn One-World Government

Elon Musk protested the creation of one global government in an unlikely venue: the “World Government Summit”

Musk spoke via remote signal at the Dubai conference and warned that a one world government could lead to the collapse of modern society.

Musk stated that despite the fact that this summit is called “World Government Summit”, he felt we should be cautious about becoming too much of one world government.

He said, “If I may, we want to prevent creating a civil war by having — frankly this may seem a little odd — excessive cooperation between governments.”

Musk explained that civilizations have been rising and falling throughout history.┬áMusk explained that neither their rise nor fall “meant the doom for humanity as a whole” because there have been many separate civilizations separated by great distances.

Musk specifically cited the rise and fall of Islam in the Middle East, possibly referring to the Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine Empire which fell to the Ottoman Empire during the 15th century. Musk observed that the separation of empires resulted in science being preserved and advanced.

Musk continued, “I think we need to be cautious about being too many of one civilization because then the whole thing might collapse.”

Musk believes that one-world government is a threat to society and humanity. He has also warned that “civilization” will collapse if more people have children.