DOL Investigation Finds Disturbing Lack of Action on Human Trafficking

Project Veritas published two articles about Tara Lee Rodas last year. She was a member of the Council of Inspectors of General Integrity and Efficiency and also worked with Health and Human Services on the Unaccompanied Children Program.

Rodas notified HHS of the fact that children are being placed in foster homes for the purpose of trafficking and for sex and labor.

HHS is not the only agency that has problems with child labor and illegal migration. Bloomberg Law reported the U.S. Department of Labor would be investigated by the Office of Inspector General. A memo was published on the site from Carolyn Hantz who is Director of Investigations at the OIG to Jessica Looman, Principal Assistant Administrator of the Wage and HR Division.

The Office of Inspector General is conducting a review to determine if the Wage and Hour Division was successful in reducing violations of child labor laws and to identify the reasons behind the increase. Your audit liaison will be scheduled for a meeting to introduce the audit and discuss its scope, objective, and methodology.

We plan to begin work immediately after our meeting and would appreciate your notifying appropriate agency officials of our plans. If you have questions, please contact Tracy Katz, Audit Director, at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or [email protected].

Biden is blamed by Republicans for his border handling and lack of effort by the Department of Labor.

The administration’s goal is to keep the border open to attract more left-leaning voters, permanently upset the balance of the country, or to be considered “progressive”.

The administration has been focused on letting illegal immigrants in and not on what will happen when they get here. Ask New York, Chicago, or any border town about that. Combine that with a bloated, sluggish federal bureaucracy, and you have the perfect situation in which kids become numbers and disappear between the cracks. One of the evils of unfettered immigration is that people are essentially stockpiled and turned into data. Their safety and their humanity are no longer a concern. They are bodies, even products, but not people, which, sadly enough, is part of the mindset of human traffickers.