Before Surrendering Rudy Giuliani Warns Republicans

There have still been many post-game comments and discussions about the first GOP debate. I don’t care who “won,” we can agree that the next debate would be better with real moderators. Raise your hands if you’re in agreement. Oh, but we’re no longer schoolchildren.

In all the pre-hype, conservatives forgot to mention a fact that is causing them to get a head of steam or is something they try to ignore to keep their peace of mind. This is because those who were caught up in Trump’s drama turned themselves into Fulton County, Ga. and Trump was scheduled to surrender to authorities on Thursday.

CNN referred to Trump this morning as a “kingpin”. CNN, however, has never done objective journalism or journalism at all. While conservatives rage, liberals, progressivists, and other people of the like will be popping champagne and rolling out Carr’s Water Biscuits with brie, updating their social media, and lighting up a bong.

Rudy Giuliani was one of the people who were slated to surrender. He had some warnings for both his supporters and his detractors. Via American Wire News:

Now, whether you dislike or like Donald Trump, let me give you a warning. They’re gonna come for you. When the political winds shift, as they always do, let us pray that Republicans are more honest, more trustworthy, and more American than these people in charge of this government. Because if our government is conducted this way and the system of justice is politicized and criminalized for politics, your rights are in jeopardy, and your children’s. Donald Trump told you this. They weren’t just coming for him or me.

Giuliani expressed his hope, in part, that if and when conservatives gain power they won’t use the tactics of the past in the name of justice. He was also issuing an alert to me and you. They will find you in some way.

You may remember that my wife and I were involved in a human trafficking awareness campaign in Cambodia many years ago. We toured the country, visiting historical sites. We visited the notorious prison Tuol Sleng where people were tortured to death, and often even more.

The killing fields were filled with skulls, bones, and pictures of the victims who stared forward with anger or resignation in their last moments. On “Women’s Island”, we saw a tree where Khmer Rouge soldiers would grab babies by their feet and slam against them until they died in front of the mothers. Pol Pot left a legacy across the country.

Some people may think that Pol Pot only targeted political enemies they knew. This was not true, as shown above. I met people who lived through this horrifying time. As a child, one man said he had to hand-fertilize rice fields with buckets from latrines. He did not have shoes or gloves. Rice was grown all year round. Some people were arrested because they had too much fabric. Radios were the reason for their arrest. The suspects were arrested for having glasses, as glasses are seen as an indication of education and that an educated individual is a possible threat.

Anyone could be arrested under the Khmer Rouge regime, even those who believed they were loyal party members. Soldiers who used to enjoy herding people in crowded cells, and then hauling away those prisoners for torture, found themselves arrested and sitting inside the cells they once guarded. This is what happens to a government-run by power-hungry, amoral people.

People who dislike Trump will find some way to reach you. They will find a way to get you, even if you’re a Trump hater. You may have your social media blocked or your bank account frozen. They could refuse to allow you to fly. You may be fired if they shut down your company or enact laws. You may be arrested in the middle of the night for your abortion views. This recent episode in American History is just a small appetizer. These people are only warming, stretching out, and getting ready for a fight.