Did Joe Biden Wake up to Mutiny on His Border Visit?

We predicted that President Joe Biden’s border visit to El Paso on Sunday would be nothing but a scripted “dog-and-pony show”, designed to make Biden appear like he was doing Something, while the border communities continue to suffer from his disastrous open borders policies, and his inaction.

Biden’s trip, which was as disastrous as Vice President Kamala Harir’s El Paso trip in June 2021, was so obvious that even CNN’s Democrat apologists didn’t allow him to get away with it, calling it “tightly managed” in the headline.

In the first paragraphs, he called him out for not meeting any actual migrants.

On Sunday, President Joe Biden made his first visit to the US-Mexico border as president. However, he didn’t appear to meet or see migrants, even during a trip to a refuge center for migrants.

After growing outcry and criticism of his inability to see the seriousness of the crisis caused by the record number of migrants crossing the border, Biden spent many hours in El Paso. The brief visit was mainly focused on border enforcement and spoke with border enforcement officers. Reporters on the ground didn’t see any migrants at the respite center during the president’s visit, nor along the motorcade routes that ran throughout the afternoon.

When asked by CNN to explain why Biden visited this particular center, a senior administration official said that there weren’t any migrants at the center when Biden arrived. It was completely coincidental. They don’t have any today.”

“Completely coincidental” is the same as the fact that there were no migrants in downtown El Paso. This was reported because the area had been cleaned and “sanitized,” in the days before Joe Biden visited the region. That was also “completely coincidental,” I am sure.

Although the CNN report was thorough and quite shockingly critical of President Trump, they have yet to comment on whether Joe Biden ran for another border, the Taco Bell border. We will keep you updated on the information we gathered from our sources.

After 15 rounds of voting, which were at times contentious, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy vows to take action against Biden, DHS Sec. Mayorkas:

Stay tuned, we will provide more information as it becomes available.