Did Biden Take $5 Million to Have Ukraine Prosecutor Fired?

Remember the infamous video where Gropey Joe bragged about having a prosecutor fired in exchange for $1 billion worth of U.S. aid to Ukraine? It’s looking more and more like Biden got paid mad stacks to have that man canned.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made a videotaped announcement today, claiming that she had seen — after much delay– the FBI document detailing the way then-VP Biden spent $5 million to pressure a Ukrainian official into firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings.

Burisma Holdings hired Hunter Biden as a member of their board. He was paid approximately $1 million annually from 2014 until 2019 despite Hunter not having any experience in the energy industry and not speaking Ukrainian.

Greene and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, both spoke to journalists and said that the document showed Burisma Holdings’ owner Mykola Zolochevsky had allegedly told an FBI source “that he paid five million dollars to one Biden” and another $5 million to a second Biden. It was all part of a bribery scheme to remove [former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor] Shokin.

Greene called the FBI informant who was involved in the document “extremely trustworthy” before delving into the details.

Fun Facts:

  • Shokin, a prosecutor by name, was investigating Burisma. He was investigating the millions of dollars Burisma paid to Hunter Biden.
  • Hunter’s task was to “make their problems go away,” i.e., to make Shokin disappear.
  • Joe Biden received $5 million in order to press Ukrainian officials into firing Shokin.
  • MTG explained how Ukrainian businesses keep track of their bribes on paper.
  • Joe Biden said he wanted Shokin to be fired because he is corrupt.
  • Hunter, according to the owner of Burisma, was “stupid.”
  • The informant was informed that it would take “10 years” for the American Congress to uncover the bribe due to all the shell accounts used.
  • MTG stated that this is “definitely unlawful” for the vice president of the United States and his family members to participate in such a quid pro quo.

The investigation of the Bidens is continuing.

This FBI document, attributed to an honest and well-paid source, is starting to look like it’s a smoking weapon. It is easy to see why the FBI took such extreme measures to prevent the Oversight Committee from obtaining the document.

Biden joked and laughed when a reporter asked him about the accusations that he had “sold the country.” No one laughed. Biden continued to smile and say that it was “malarkey.”

Below you can see MTG lower Gropey Joe’s boom.