Democrats Have Realized Far too Late Where They Screwed Up

It seems that the Democratic Party has realized how badly they are being screwed. This realization is too late though as voters have already made their decision due to Democrats’ complete lack of focus on issues that matter to them.

There was much concern about the economic state after 2020. Democrats continued to push their economic stimulus package, which poured trillions of dollars into the economy and set off a chain reaction. The Biden administration rescinded oil and gas leases. They wanted schools and cities to be as locked down as possible and attacked those who disagreed. They went further left regarding trans student issues.

They used the media to attack dissent. When parents wanted to be heard, the Department of Justice intervened. Everything around the Democratic Party got worse.

The economy became colder, inflation rose, and crime increased.

This is not Republican propaganda. This is objective truth. While you can argue for the causes, it is impossible to argue for the truth.

History has shown that the party in power is more likely to lose midterm elections than it is to win them. All of the above problems are compounded by the fact that Virginia’s statewide elections were won by the Republican Party. This is a sure sign of doom.

These aren’t the problems of Democrats. They denied them completely. Their worldview saw the Threat To Democracy and the Threat to Abortion as the only real issues. They decided to run on these issues, and it was a sign that they were even further out of touch with reality. And voters took notice.

Particularly President Joe Biden was and is still completely off the mark in terms of what messaging should be.

The Republicans are in a strong position even though they had a slow candidate selection process in certain areas. It’s an indication of how weak Democratic candidates are that some Republicans are leading the way in the last polls.

It looks like Democrats have finally grasped the concept, but many Democrats remain in a fantasy world and are unwilling to admit how wrong they were.

A group of Democrats is attacking Eric Adams, Mayor of New York, for discussing the problem of crime. They forget that Adams was a former cop and that law and order were the main reasons he was elected.

The Democrats have lost the ability to not only govern but also to participate in politics. Knowing the voters and their values is the first step to running for office. The Democrats push messages that are not related to the issues that have been repeatedly ranked as the most important in this race, yet they continue to do so. This isn’t sidestepping. This is malicious ignorance.

The Democrats are losing more Hispanic and Black voters than ever before. Crime, inflation, education, and immigration are all issues Democrats have neglected to address. These issues are top of the concerns of these voter groups. While 17 percent of Black voters voted for the GOP in 2016, it is more than twice the number who voted for Donald Trump. This is a significant shift.

Democrats have completely failed this election. While they may blame others, it is important to make it clear that this was their fault. This is not a race that the Republicans won. This election is one that the Democrats actively lost.