Democrats Caught Pushing Falsehood About Hunter Laptop Story During Hearing

The House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday was filled with drama as former Twitter executives were questioned by lawmakers about the suppression of Twitter, in particular the Hunter Biden laptop story.

We reported that Yoel Roth was grilling and it produced fireworks. Rep. Byron Donalds (R.FL) lit up Twitter executives and proved contact with the Biden staff in the suppression tweets. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, joked that the House wouldn’t take the time to investigate the suppression of the “half-fake notebook” and had other 12-year-old girl moments. One Democrat tried to claim the laptop was a conspiracy theory that showed Congress has a serious misinformation problem. While Democrats ranted about misinformation on social networks, Democrats were pushing all sorts of falsehoods during the hearing. They tried to downplay censorship.

Another example was the big lie Rep. Jamie Raskin (D – MD) used during the hearing to claim that censorship is not important. Raskin called the attempt to investigate the censorship of the Biden scandal a trivial pursuit.

Raskin claimed that the two-day period of censorship had no discernable effect on anyone or anything.

Miranda Devine, the NY Post’s reporter, criticized Raskin and noted that the NY Post account was locked for two days after the story was suppressed. They were also locked out for two weeks. She also pointed out the crucial period when this all happened — just before the 2020 election.

It lasted for two weeks as we reported. This was from October 14, when it began to go dark, until October 30, according to our report.

The NY Post wasn’t the only victim — Twitter locked all accounts that shared the URL, including Kayleigh McEnany’s, President Donald Trump’s press secretary. It was a frightening and unprecedented attempt to close down the story.

It is difficult to determine if a November poll showed that voters knew more about Biden’s foreign connections. However, this could have had an important impact on how people voted and the outcome of the election. In August 2022, a poll showed that 79% of Americans believed President Donald Trump would win if they had known more about the laptop.

Raskin’s position is so shameful, he not only dismisses the truth but also pushes lies to downplay the significance of this event and its impact. He still calls the true story “propaganda”, while promoting something that isn’t true.