Andrew Cuomo Calls Biden’s Open-Border Policy A Mistake

Andrew Cuomo, former Governor of New York (D), blamed the migrant crises on President Joe Biden (D). He admitted that the “southern States were right” and blamed open-border policies for the failure. The New York Post reported.

Cuomo’s Podcast, “Matter of Fact” on Wednesday featured Biden blaming Biden for opening the Southern Border without first implementing a plan for handling the influx of migrants into the United States.

Cuomo charged Biden and his Administration with failing to comprehend the “consequences” of enacting these promises. This refers to Biden’s reverse of restrictions put in place by former President Donald Trump (R).

The Trump Migrant Protection Protocols program required illegal migrants to return home to Mexico while they waited for their immigration proceedings to be completed. This was ended by the Biden administration in August.

Cuomo said that President Biden made a mistake by opening the border without a plan for handling the massive flow of people. “President Biden had stated that he would do it during the campaign. But you can’t change an existing policy without a plan in place to manage that change.

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Cuomo noted that he did not support southern border officials busing migrants into sanctuary cities. Cuomo admitted that the migrant crisis was a federal problem and a federal responsibility.

“The southern states knew that the opening of the border would create a great hardship for them to manage. Cuomo acknowledged that they were correct in pointing out that the federal government wasn’t prepared.

Cuomo also criticised Kathy Hochul, the current governor of New York City, for not doing enough support to New York City and Mayor Eric Adams in regard to the wave migrants entering the city.

The Post reported that 43,000 migrants entered New York since last spring. Around 28,400 migrants have sought refuge in the 83 NYC hotels, five relief centres, and Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Cuomo claimed that Hochul’s administration ought to have distributed migrants equally across the sanctuary state.

“New York City shouldn’t have taken responsibility for the problem on its own.” Cuomo should have stated that the mayor had to state that New York State needed to address the problem.

He said, “State officials and legislators all declare they support immigration.” Let them now take responsibility. You can talk the talk but now you have to walk the walk and house them in your community.

After criticizing Biden’s open-border policy, Cuomo praised the president’s plan to allow Cubans and Nicaraguans, Haitians and Venezuelans to be deported quickly from the U.S.A and then returned to Mexico.

Cuomo suggested that the federal government should increase aid to Central American countries. This could reduce the number migrants trying to enter the U.S.