Democrat Accuses Republicans of Holding Perverted View of the 2nd Amendment

During a congressional hearing on Thursday, Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri accused Republicans of holding a “perverted view of the Second Amendment,” and suggested that they do not “value lives over toys.”

“Students being killed at their desks does not make them value life over toys. The U.S. should have a greater share of the world’s firearm supply, the Republicans believe. They are against common-sense gun ownership regulations. Bush stated that their perverse view of the Second Amendment leads them to oppose reasonable restrictions.

“We won’t give in to the nihilist and insurrectionist view that the Second Amendment offers. We won’t allow gun violence apolgists to win. The lawmaker stated that he would double the effort to provide public health assistance for the country’s public health emergency caused by gun violence.”

Dana Loesch, radio host and Second Amendment advocate tweeted: “What is an insurrectionist view” of the Second Amendment? She added that an “insurrectionist view” of the Second Amendment would mean abolishing or removing it.

“The so-called ‘insurrectionist”‘ view of the Second Amendment is the indisputably correct one. The Second Amendment is a safeguard against tyranny. “To argue otherwise is completely ahistorical,” Kostas Moros, attorney, tweeted.

Bush shared a personal story about gun violence during the hearing. She said that her “abusive partner” shot at her in her 20s.

“My experience is not an anomaly. It is one too many survivors of gun violence know all too well,” she said, adding that “it is not my only experience.”