CNN Report Exposes How Asian-Americans In San Francisco Are Abandoning Democratic Party

San Francisco has been a stronghold of progressive politics for decades. A CNN report has revealed how far-left, radical politics are alienating Asian Americans, warning national Democrats.

One-third of San Francisco residents is Asian-American. According to Kyung Lah, CNN’s national correspondent Kyung Lah, there is a growing “discontentment” in the Asian-American community that is driving a series of political shakeups in San Francisco.

Forrest Liu, a community organizer, recently spoke to Lah about the feelings within his community. Three years ago, the COVID-19 epidemic struck. He said that Asian-Americans were shocked at the realities of their city. His community realized that they weren’t as safe as they thought. The city leaders didn’t listen to them and progressive politics had destroyed the education system.

Allene Jue, who was a mother who supported the removal of three far-left school board officials, explained clearly why Asian-Americans are leaving the Democratic Party.

She told Lah of Democrats that she felt they had gone too far to the left. “I believe we should get back to basics and make sure the cities are safe. We also need high-quality education.

Jue said, “I know people who have historically voted Democrat but are now voting Republican because the Democratic Party doesn’t represent them.”

Charles Zhang, a civil rights lawyer, stated that the phenomenon in San Francisco is a warning sign for Democrats nationwide.

“You saw a significant double-digit erosion in support from Asian Americans from this midterm elections to 2018, and it’s not only Asian-Americans. Zhang said that the same thing was happening with Hispanic voters.

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Lah and her coworkers were reporting on the ways in which crime and far-left politics are driving Asian Americans away from the Democratic Party. However, Lah and her fellow journalists became victims to street crime after their car was broken into and their belongings taken.

Erin Burnett, CNN host, said that it “sort of brings home how real and pervasive this is,” she told Lah.