Debt Ceiling Package Would Expedite Approval Of Stalled Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Bring Millions In Tax Revenue To Virginia

The debt ceiling bill, released on Sunday, included a provision that would expedite the approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline. This 303-mile project is a natural gas pipeline which extends from West Virginia into Virginia.

The weekend saw President Joe Biden (D) and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy(R) reach a tentative agreement to raise the debt ceiling from $31.4 trillion to $31.4 trillion in order to avoid default.

The pipeline, which has a 94% completion rate, will generate 2,500 jobs in construction, $40 million of tax revenue for West Virginia and $10 million for Virginia if Congress approves this debt ceiling package. The pipeline is expected to deliver approximately 2 billion cubic foot of natural gas per day to consumers in the Southeast.

Since years, the completion of this pipeline has been repeatedly stalled due to environmental concerns and long permitting processes.

Both U.S. Senators, Democrat Joe Manchin (left) and Republican Shelley Moore Capito (right), are members of the Democratic Party. Senators in West Virginia have backed the completion of a natural gas pipeline. They noted that this would lower energy costs both for the state and country.

Capito, the ranking member of Environment and Public Works Committee, released a statement at the weekend praising the inclusion of the pipeline in the debt ceiling package.

Capito expressed his delight that the Mountain Valley pipeline was included in the debt-ceiling package to avoid default. “After working closely with Speaker McCarthy, and repeating what the completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline means for American jobs and energy production at home, I’m thrilled it’s been included,” Capito stated. Capito said, “Despite delays after delays, we continued to battle to get this important natural gas pipeline up-and-running. Its inclusion in this package is a significant win for the future West Virginia.”

Manchin praised McCarthy and his team’s efforts to include the completion of pipeline in the debt-ceiling package.

“Last year, I presented legislation to complete Mountain Valley Pipeline. Manchin said, “I am happy that Speaker McCarthy and his team of leaders see the value in completing MVP to increase the domestic energy production in America and drive costs down across America and particularly in WV.”

Carol Miller, R-W.Va., said that the debt ceiling bill was “a bipartisan victory for all Americans.”

Miller said, “Finally Republicans and Democrats have come together to complete the Mountain Valley pipeline, which will create jobs, reduce energy costs, and protect our environment.”