Brave Citizens Subdue Aggressor Assaulting Highway Patrol Officer

A hulking brute gained the upper hand in a brawl with a California Highway Patrol officer Friday evening. Once trapped in a headlock, the motorcycle officer appeared short on time and air. He was not, however, short on friends.

Three Good Samaritans saved the officer and heeded his warning.

Everardo Navarro (42), saw the CHP officer who was being beaten off California’s Freeway 5 in Santa Ana, California.

“I just jumped,” Navarro said to the Los Angeles Times. ”

Although the brutalist, identified as Jaime Balderas Paniagua (34), may have looked strong, Navarro was more compelled to act.

“I thought about my children at that moment,” Navarro said to KCAL-TV.

Navarro rushed through traffic to enforce the highway law. Navarro was quickly joined by two additional men.

KCAL reported that the officer initially gave the suspect verbal warnings for allegedly bending the freeway signs and yelling at passersby. But, as the officer prepared to leave, Paniagua assaulted him.

The video appears to show that the officer was hit by the suspect, and then the two men wrestled on the ground. At one point, it appears the suspect had the officer in a headlock.

“When I got there, I was unsure for a split-second what I should do,” said Navarro. ”

After a flurry of punches at the suspect’s solar plexus, the Good Samaritan focused on breaking the chokehold.

The footage shows the two Good Samaritans helping the officer and making sure the suspect could not grab the sidearm of the officer.

Together they subdued and captured the suspect, ensuring that the officer could ride again.

Anselmo Templado told KTLA that “Many situations end up being dangerous in a matter of seconds.” ”

Templado said, “It is amazing that the three Good Samaritans stepped in to help our officer. We were able to control the situation.” ”

Paniagua is facing multiple charges, including assault and battery against a peace officer as well as resisting arrest.