Dave Chappelle Says Out Loud What Everyone Is Thinking About Trans Activists

Dave Chappelle is a comedian who practices comedy but doesn’t believe there are protected classes. He will surely be criticized by the left for his recent comments about trans activists. On his podcast, The Midnight Miracle Chappelle recalled the events of last summer when his show at Minneapolis’ venue was canceled by the Twitter brigade. They were distressed to the core that Chappelle had actually practiced comedy in his 2021 Netflix series and bombarded the theater with angry, threatening tweets. Chappelle recalled:

They had apparently made a promise to the public that their club would be safe for everyone and that they would ban any transphobic material. This is an unusual stance for an artistic venue, especially one that has been a punk rock venue in the past.

The raging mob didn’t like the idea of the show being canceled and moved to another venue. They arrived at the new hall and harassed the show-goers as they waited outside for the doors to open. Chappelle stated that the “wokesters”, which were “grown people of different genders and gender identities,” threw eggs at the audience. They didn’t seem intimidated by the spectacle. Chappelle says that one woman who was waiting to see him perform picked up a barricade from the police and threw it at the egg-throwers.

Woke Inc. does exactly this. In an attempt to suppress free speech and intimidate others, they arrive in large numbers, often under the direction of Antifa and BLM actors. Dave Chappelle said this about his audience:

“I don’t believe anyone had malicious intent.” He continued, “In fact, one thing these people, transgender, and their surrogates, always claim is that my jokes somehow gonna be a root cause for some impending violence they feel is inevitable for my jokes.” “But I have to tell you, no one of my fans beat them up, no matter how abrasive they were. “They were throwing eggs at people and throwing barricades.” The crowd would simply say, “We love you.” “Like, what are you talking about?”

For those who are keeping score at home, even though they were attacked with eggs by the permanently disgruntled, the free speech-loving audience members showed love and compassion to their attackers. Despite the fact that she was a barricade-throwing lady you can’t blame her for taking matters into her own hands.

Chappelle’s statement about the protesters, “most were just sticking to the playbook: We’re here to stir up s***,” is where he really nails it. He said, “It felt like they wanted to me to say something inflammatory… in an odd way, I believe some of them were trying to incite violence against themselves for publicity.” They were doing things that a regular *****, would do.

Ding, ding, ding! He is absolutely right. The radical trans lobby’s protests are nothing but performance art. They pick on groups they know will not fight back. They are phonies who try to create trouble where there is none. They are just trying to stir up trouble where there is none. The supply of legitimate anti-trans crimes isn’t enough to satisfy their demand so they taunt people who don’t want to fight. They hope that someone will eventually snap back and fight back so they can claim that the trans community has been victimized.

The perma-woke are disappointed to hear that Dave Chappelle has their number. He’s not afraid of saying what we all think and their ultimate goal is publicity and creating controversy where there is none. It’s a tired tactic that’s well past its prime. The good news is that the radical left has managed to stay on Chappelle’s radar. This will bring us many laughs for years to come, for those who enjoy the comedy.