Cory Booker Compares Title 42 To Turning Away Jewish WWII Refugees

While Senator Cory Booker (D.N.J.) voted against Title 42’s extension, he compared the treatment of migrants who use the law to the treatment of Jewish refugees arriving on ships at the beginning of World War II.

“We have dark chapters. Booker stated that the Holocaust saw the St. Louis sail to our shores, and it was turned around. People were then sent back to the horrors, and many died.

“It was out of that history that we, as a nation, affirmed that our values and ideals, as well our virtue, would be codified in law by our government. He concluded that we would never say “Never again” again.

Booker was referring specifically to the voyage of St. Louis during which more than 900 Jews fled Germany under Hitler’s rule in 1939. They were turned away by the United States and Canada, then Cuba.

Standing at a lectern reading “#AsylumIsARight,” Booker commented that the U.S. was “putting people in crise and in danger” according to Fox News.

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Booker used biblical references to illustrate his point. He quoted the book of Isaiah, saying that American values “distinguish” us as a light for all nations.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Representative from New York, also attended the press conference and stated that she wants to hold the administrations responsible for protecting the rights of immigrant families and immigrants.

AOC criticised President Biden’s decision to renege on his promise to end Title 42. Title 42 allows illegal immigrants to cross the border from “designated places to prevent the spread of communicable disease.”

Ocasio Cortez noted that “Last year President Biden promised Title 42 would be ended, but instead he is expanding restrictions on asylum-seekers.”

“The right to asylum is protected by domestic and international law. The United States is an excellent example of this and we have strived and aspired for international law to uphold. The congresswoman said that instead, the administration makes it virtually impossible to seek refuge at our borders.

AOC continued to explain why she believes courts were right to reject President Trump’s “attempt categorically to end asylum.”

At the press conference, Congressman Greg Casar (D.Texas) as well as Senator Bob Menendez(D-N.J.), spoke.