Clever Billboards Pointing Out the Democrats’ Radical Excesses Pose Questions Republicans Must Answer

The most fascinating thing about politics right now is the reaction of the Left wing of the Democrat Party to the Right’s actions. The Right first notices. The Democrats then tell us it’s not happening. The Left questions why we care when someone on the Right proves that it is actually happening.

Citizens for Sanity, a group that aims to capitalize on this little dance is placing billboards all across the country calling out the worst of the radical Left.

These initial slogans on billboards are a warning to radical Leftists about some of their worst ideas:

  • “Protect Pregnant Men From Climate Discrimination.”
  • “Open the prisons. Open the borders. Close schools Vote for the progressive candidate in November.”
  • “Violent criminals are worthy of our compassion and respect. Stand strong for progressive values this fall.”

The group also launched a six-figure ad campaign to address the controversy surrounding boys playing girls in sports leagues, if they identify themselves as female.

Citizens for Sanity’s policies sound absurd to ordinary Americans from all political parties. Politico may have started the handwringing. Politico pointed out Citizens for Sanity as a “dark-money group” and immediately condemned the ad.

The blitz highlights the growing focus on the right on issues related to gender, with conservatives hoping to make it a central part of their political campaigns. Since 2003, transgender women are allowed to compete in the Olympics’ women’s divisions. The NCAA has permitted them since 2010. Idaho was the first state to adopt transgender athlete restrictions in 2020. More than half a dozen other states have since adopted transgender athlete restrictions, including Mississippi and Montana.

Anyone with a moderate sense of fairness could see how the men versus women competition played out in the last few months. Will used to be Lia Thomas. She competed against women at NCAA swim meets. He was taller than the women against whom he competed, and his muscular mass was noticeable. Thomas was previously part of the University of Pennsylvania men’s team and he achieved notable mediocrity at the national level.

America saw the NCAA and legacy media mock this narcissistic individual, who couldn’t even admit to his inherent physical advantages. A fawning media report that he wants to compete in the Olympics. Regular Americans will recognize the ad as a good idea after seeing the media circus surrounding women’s swimming.

These billboards convey a clear message: Democrats are too far left. Anyone who has been around for 18 months knows this. This is why Hispanic support for Democrats has fallen. It is not enough to be crazier than your competitors, although this may be difficult for established Republicans to understand.

Republicans should highlight the extreme policies of the Biden administration, and encourage their Democrat adversaries to vote for them or support them. They should then explain in plain English how the legislation and executive-branch policies this administration has pushed have affected voters in their state or district. They must then offer an alternative, and they should do so without skipping a beat. Citizens for Sanity’s final ad states, “Vote To Stop the Insanity.” This is the logical question for voters: “How will it stop?”

It is time to stop pulling punches. Democrats’ policies favor scarcity and are anti-human. They want to reduce the carbon footprint of every voter. Joe Biden stated that he would like to eliminate fossil fuels. What does this mean for the average American? Are the GOP prepared to stop green funding to the EPA/Bureau of Land Management until they issue permits? They can they stomach the negative comments the New York Times will make about them during the shutdown? They should be able.

Another example is the Equality Act. It sounds just like the Inflation Reduction Act. The Equality Act permits a male to apply for any women’s scholarship, enter any female space, and participate in any girls’ and women’s sports. It also allows him to take any job or business opportunity that is earmarked for women. It legalizes the elimination of gender discrimination. It passed the Democrat-run House. Can the GOP agree to stop funding the Department of Education until they cease trying to implement radical gender theory in every K-12 school? This move should be supported by a large majority of voters in Florida and Virginia, according to polling.

It is not enough to be less insane than the Democrats. Republicans must make a clear deal for America, setting clear expectations about the results they can achieve even with a Democrat in office. Voters give elected officials political power in November. It’s past time Republicans got used to it and started using it to reverse the country’s course, not slow down the descent into madness.