Adam Schiff Says AG Garland Acted Appropriately on Trump Raid, Yet Hasn’t Received Report He Requested

California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is a master at liberal hypocrisy. His numerous smackdowns on facts and reality are legendary.

It’s hard to forget Shifty, who was a complete fool, bulging with his eyes as he ran out to the television cameras to declare “smoking gun” after “smoking gun,” all of which would prove that Donald Trump indeed had conspired with Russia.

In May, we reported that the dust had settled about Russia collusion. We later discovered that Hillary Clinton was behind this collusion hoax.

Do you recall how Schiff, “shameless” and “pathological liar”, immediately dismissed the Hunter Biden email fraud? Then he blamed “Russian propaganda “. Adam”. How did it all end?

Remember how Schiff raised similar alarms over Hillary’s illegal use of a private computer server to conduct official State Department business? I don’t know.

Adam Schiff, a political hack for a few, just wants more attention than the rest.

It’s not surprising that Schiff said on Sunday’s CNN’s “State of the Union” that he believed Attorney general Merrick Garland had taken all precautions and acted appropriately during the FBI raid against Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Breitbart transcription reveals that Jake Tapper, host, started Festivities

You asked for a damage assessment and a classified briefing from the intelligence agency last week regarding the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Do you have concerns about the possibility of this precedent, which allows for a search at the home of a president, being misused?

That’s a great question. Has Schiff yet received the damage assessment? Shifty’s reply:

We have yet to receive a damage assessment. As a committee, we would like to know which documents marked Top Secret SCI were utilized by the president of Mar-a-Lago.

This is a serious matter. If you reveal the documents, you can jeopardize your source. You could also lose future intelligence from the same source.

This is a serious problem and we are determined that it can be solved.

OK, fine, Adam. Dude, whatever you say.

Here is Tapper’s confidence declaration in Garland. Tapper just admitted that he did not have any evidence supporting his declaration, other than his eternal dishonesty.

Merrick Garland was allowed to use every opportunity and take every precaution to obtain those documents. The Justice Department has reason to doubt the claims of Trump lawyers that they gave up all documents.

It is a strong precedent. But, I believe it was appropriate given the circumstances.

Even though Schiff did not request the Justice Department to conduct a damage assessment, it was still an option.

Adam Schiff: The shameless, pathological and persistent liar.