Christie Outdoes Pence with Trump/Ukraine Comment

In an interview with Tucker Carlson at the Family Leadership Summit, Mike Pence, the former vice president, seemed to be stepping in big time to get the base on board. Many believed that if Pence’s campaign hadn’t been sputtering, he would have done it there. He was also in trouble for criticizing former President Donald Trump following the Special Counsel’s arrest last week. Voters in New Hampshire called him a “sellout”.

It sounds as though Chris Christie is trying to outdo Pence in terms of the “worst Ukraine Take” among Republicans for the 2024 election.

Christie stated that he felt we had not “done enough” in regard to Ukraine. Then, he went completely over the top and claimed that Joe Biden was better than Trump on Ukraine.

What else would Christie like us to do? There’s no end to the massive amount of money we give Ukraine and the weapons that it receives. Questions have been raised about the final destination of some weapons. Last month I reported that the Department of Defense’s Inspector General had released a report about the difficulties in tracking weapons. How long will this continue while we spend our money and reduce our own stocks, as well as our ability to defend ourselves?

How does he know that Biden is better than Trump then? This is just factually incorrect. They knew better than to invade under Trump. The Russians invaded under Biden because they were able to see his weakness with the Afghanistan withdrawal and his comments about “minor incursions”. They also saw how he backed down on sanctions regarding Nord Stream 2 as well. Add to this the weakness that Russians saw in Obama/Biden when they invaded Crimea in 2014.

Christie said that two-thirds of an audience he spoke to recently was “supportive” of his position on Ukraine. Was it a Republican audience or Democrat audience? It doesn’t seem like an accurate reflection of what Republicans might think. If he believes that is what Republicans believe, then he doesn’t listen to the majority of Republicans or Americans. According to a new poll conducted by SSRS, 55 percent of Americans do not want to approve new aid for Ukraine.

Christie’s out-of-touch with his base is evident when he appears on CNN or MSNBC to criticize Trump, despite claiming he was campaigning for the Republican nominating convention. What Republicans is he trying to reach on these networks, with a base still very supportive of Trump?

Christie went to Ukraine to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky, presumably to look presidential and like he had some foreign policy knowledge/experience. This shows that he doesn’t know what the Republican base thinks or what is best for the U.S.

Christie said that he believed Trump had committed crimes. This is not helpful to him when it comes to voters. Like Pence, Christie seems to be fixated on Trump’s issues rather than focusing on the larger question of weaponization.