Biden’s Grand Canyon Interview Was a Trainwreck

Joe Biden had a four-hour workday that wasn’t so strenuous. We previously wrote about his planned 45-minute stop at Grand Canyon Lookout.

While driving up in his gas-guzzling car, Biden talked about the sacrifices that must be made to achieve the climate goals. Biden couldn’t tell the difference between the wonders of the world and natural wonders.

That was all bad enough. But then came the interview with the Weather Channel on the lip of the Grand Canyon.

Let us begin with Joe Biden’s famous “Don’t Jump!” comment.

Biden sat down with Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel and went overboard with his comments on climate change. Often he didn’t get what he was saying. For example, when Abrams asked him if he planned to declare a state of emergency for climate change.

Biden claimed he had already done this but it isn’t true. We signed the Paris Climate Accord. The $368 billion Climate Control Facility is now in place. During the recitation, he closed his eyes and tried to remember what they had done.

Abrams presses him because she knows he hasn’t declared it, “So you’ve already declared that national emergency?”

Then he realizes that what he said was wrong and attempts to fix it. Things get strange. “In a real sense, you have a bug on your back.” Biden reached up to wipe away what he believed was a virus on her upper back.

Joe Biden has a unique personality.

What’s the deal with “a $368 billion facility for climate control”? Is he telling us something we don’t know? Do we need to know more?

The Weather Channel should be commended for its fact-checking of Biden live on air. They claimed that he hadn’t declared a climate crisis.

Biden’s strange remarks aren’t yet over.

This clip shows that he could have a dangerous priority in “preparing the military by trying to deal with climate stuff”. ”

If you are focusing on this instead, then we have a serious problem. We have a problem if you’re focusing on climate issues instead.

“The next clip is incredible for the policy it appears to be advocating and Biden’s movement from his question to his last remark within just 56 seconds. Abrams asks a great question: Is the U.S. liable for protecting migrants who are fleeing extreme heat in their own countries? ”

Biden’s answer is a resounding yes. It is outrageous. “We change the physical structure and environment of the country where they come from.” “So that they can have better lighting.”

We can change the environment in other countries now? Many people are leaving home to seek better lighting. His mind then jumped to America, and lead pipes.

He added, “And all over the country.” It is absurd to say, “We will replace every lead pipe in America”. How does this relate to the border and illegal aliens?

Then if that wasn’t wild enough, there was this one about transmitting solar or wind power over lines, “We’re now transmitting over those lines on the east coast, we’re transmitting solar! I mean wind power.”

The madness persisted despite the notecards.

Biden says that, above the confusion and worries, the quieter part that he usually avoids, he’s trying to stop the drilling. But the courts are preventing him.

This could cripple our country and threaten our security. His anger is that he was not allowed to make the statement. Keep this in mind when he tries to retract it during the election.

But don’t worry, he’s going to deal with “environmental justice” because as a kid he had an oil slick on his window at the first frost. Not a joke!

Biden’s staff likely thought that it would be an interview with a low risk. This is another example of how far he’s deteriorated and what a disaster his policies have been.