Chris Christie Continues to Embarrass Himself and Shows No Signs of Stopping

Politics can be a powerful tool for lulling people into falsehoods. Even laughably poor candidates can find themselves in the spotlight and on private jets for a while. Kamala Harris’ disastrous presidential campaign is proof of this, but she was able to turn her failures and intersectionality into a vice presidency position. Failure up is the Democratic Party’s gold standard.

Harris was able to get enough support from the beginning to make it worth his effort, but there are other people who should be ridiculed for even considering running for president. Chris Christie is one such person.

Christie, the former governor of New Jersey failed to become a presidential candidate and is now a grating talking head. He’s probably not embarrassed yet.

Former New Jersey GOP Governor. Chris Christie gave a timeline for when he will decide if he wants to run for the presidency in 2024.

He said, “Next 45-60 days,” to the Washington Examiner. He also noted that a campaign was still something he is considering.

“I have immense respect for Gov. Hogan. Christie stated that Hogan is a friend of mine and that he has great respect for my decision.” “I believe it’ll have a significantly smaller field than it had in 2016.” “Given all of the losses we’ve suffered over the past four years, I believe it would be a good thing for us to have a strong primary.”

Christie recently tried to present himself as the anti-DeSantis, despite Florida Governor Rick Scott not declaring his candidacy yet. Why? Christie is a Giant Panda with the same critical thinking abilities as a Giant Panda and a matching physique.

Do you remember when he spent almost an entire debate debunking Marco Rubio in 2016 How did that turn out for Christie? He lacks discipline, as is evident in many areas of his life. If it meant a great headline or a pat on the back from the media, he would sell himself. It’s all well and good for self-promotion but not if the goal of the campaign is to win a Republican primary.

He may believe that running for president in 2024 would bring back his glory days. But you can’t recreate what has already ended. Christie knows that no one wants him running for president. He’s loudmouthed, but GOP voters demand more than high decibel scores from their candidates. His path is made more difficult by the fact that Christie has placed himself among the neoconservatives.

Who do you think his constituency might be? He is unpopular with even the anti-Trump wing. What are his plans for achieving? He shut down a bridge. This is all that anyone can remember him for. That and hugging Barack Obama are the only things that anyone remembers him for.

Donors must ensure that these vanity presidential campaigns stop. Christie should not be given a penny to run for president in 2024. His chances of winning the nomination are slim, which is a good thing. The GOP doesn’t need a return to the status quo that Christie so desperately seeks to restore. He missed a window of opportunity in 2012 and it was too narrow. He would be wise to realize that these opportunities don’t exist again before he clowns further.