Censors Are On The Way For Trucking Convoy To DC

People are supporting the Freedom Convoy, which made it from Vancouver to Ottawa across Canada. They now block Parliament’s streets and support their efforts to stop vaccine mandates. In Alberta, they are also blocking the border and taking a vote to remain despite a possible threat from the government. Even though the protest resulted in a politician losing their job, it didn’t affect Justin Trudeau.

We reported that it appears to be working. More Canadian officials and experts are now calling for a return of normalcy and a ‘live with it’ approach. It was evident by the extent Justin Trudeau attempted to discredit them after he fled from the capital, rather than talking with truckers about their concerns.

American truckers want to follow their Northern counterparts and organize a similar convoy to Washington, D.C. to protest government overreach.

Facebook wants to stop them by removing the Facebook page where they organized the effort. Facebook claimed the page violated policies regarding QAnon. It seems that they are pursuing the U.S. effort in the same way as Justin Trudeau attempted to discredit the Canadian effort.

Brian Brase was one of the organizers. He said that none of them were connected with QAnon stuff and that Facebook would not even show them the alleged objectionable posts. He claimed that they also removed two organizers’ personal profiles — despite the fact that their pages didn’t have anything that came “even close.” Jeremy Johnson, the administrator of the Facebook group, and Mike Landis, a fellow trucker, had their accounts deleted as well.

Brase stated that this was not about right or wrong, but rather about a “human issue”, and a violation of the Constitution.

Brase stated that “This crosses all genders and all races,” but that it is not just about truckers. It’s all about America.

Brase pointed out that while the event is large, it will also have a peaceful atmosphere. It’s not about just truckers but about Americans. [….]

A bipartisan group of governors are pushing for normal and a return to “living with it,” but Joe Biden has so far rebuffed this effort. Let the truckers take the lead and let the governors move on without Biden.

Canada’s citizens are surviving until the mandates are lifted. They’re still doing it with style, having fun, dancing and enjoying hot chocolate. This is freedom as it should look — something that has been lost a lot in the last two years.