Capitol Police Surveillance Video Shows How DePape Got Into the Pelosi Home

We have a lot of information about the Paul Pelosi case, which was released Friday.

The bodycam video of the attack was released, and Paul Pelosi’s 911 call for help was also released.

Now, however, Capitol Police surveillance video showing suspect David DePape entering the Pelosi residence with a hammer has been released.

Judge Stephen Murphy ordered the release of the surveillance video, the body camera, and the 911 call pursuant to media requests. DePape interviews were also ordered by Murphy.

DePape can be seen wandering through the backyard of the property in the surveillance video. DePape leaves, but then returns with two bags. He then takes out a hammer from one of his bags and appears to put on gloves before he starts smashing into the glass door at the back of the house. The video shows the break-in starting at 5:20.

DePape then climbs up the hill to the house through the area that he had robbed.

As we reported earlier, at some point after he encountered the suspect, Paul Pelosi called 911 and indicated to the operator that he was having a problem with someone in his house who was waiting for his wife, but whom he didn’t know. Pelosi seemed to be trying not to antagonize DePape, but he conveyed to the operator, “He told me not to do anything.” That’s when the operator asks for the address because she knows there’s a problem. “He’s telling me to put the phone down and do what he says,” Pelosi told the operator.

The police arrived and the bodycam showed what happened when it opened. DePape was holding a hammer, while his other hand held Pelosi. Pelosi was holding the hammer in his hands. DePape tried to take the hammer away from Pelosi, but it was too heavy. The police then told him to drop the hammer.

DePape faces state charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and elder abuse. Federal charges include assaulting a family member of a federal official, attempted kidnapping of a federal officer, and home invasion.