Biden’s Team ‘Digs Deeper Hole’ in Trying to Fix Strom Thurmond Gaffe

President Joe Biden gave a speech to honor the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law on its 60th anniversary.

Biden, as he does so often, tried to highlight his contributions to the civil rights movement. However, he made an assertion that caused some eyebrows to be raised.

Biden said, “I was literally able, not figuratively able, to talk Strom Thurmond, before he passed away, into voting for the Civil Rights Act.”


But how is that possible? Biden wasn’t even elected to the Senate until several decades after the Civil Rights Act of 1965 – which he is probably referring to here – passed. Thurmond also joined other southern senators to “multi-speaker filibuster” the 1964 CRA for 60 days. He did not vote for the bill.

Thurmond was a Democrat when he held the record for the longest filibuster by a single senator in Senate history – just over 24 hours on the 1957 Civil Rights Act.

Here’s what the Biden White House had to say about Biden’s confusion regarding Thurmond:

Fox News Digital reported that a White House spokesperson said Biden played a key role in securing Thurmond’s 1980 vote in favor of the Voting Right Act.

Even if true, as history has taught us, we should be very suspicious of anything Biden says in relation to his supposed civil rights activism. It’s still not that Civil Rights Act which he claimed he was personally instrumental in Thurmond supporting.

Twitter speculated that Biden may have been referring to the 1991 CRA.

Biden, by taking credit for something he claims he got Thurmond “to do before he died”, makes it sound as if he managed to convince Thurmond of the truth shortly before he passed away in 2003 out of respect for Biden’s supposed efforts and his long-time friendship.

Armstrong Williams, a conservative commentator, had much to say on Twitter about Biden’s statements. He wrote a long tweet explaining to Thurmond who, he said, really spoke to him over time. And, surprise, surprise, it was not Joe Biden.

Biden, at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law’s recent conference, made a bold statement that I personally know to be revisionist history.

Biden says that he convinced Strom Thurmond to support the Civil Rights Act. During this period, I was close to Strom Thurmond. I worked for him. This was my first position in Washington. I can confirm that Biden, contrary to what he claimed, did not “literally” convince Strom Thurmond to support the Civil Rights Act.

Here is the real reason he supported the Civil Rights Act. The meetings were set up by people who worked for him, including me, with Mrs. Coretta King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Legree, Clarence Pendleton, Art Fletcher, Sam Cornelius, and Clarence Pendleton. These conversations were what changed Strom Thurmond’s mind.

Biden’s blatant claim to credit for something he didn’t do is disgraceful. Real people have fought and struggled for it. He deserves no credit –

It is unlikely that Biden, or his overworked, underpaid crew of cleaners could have had any influence on Thurmond’s support for a Civil Rights Act later in life.

We are waiting for the “fact-checkers” in the media to step up and intervene, but we will not hold our collective breath. We’ve all been there and done that with Democrat apologists on Politifact, etc., and even if the media “fact checkers” do intervene, they will boil it down to, “just Joe being Joe.”