Biden’s Representative at U.N. Africa Forum Proposes U.S. Reparations Tribunal

Apparently, the United Nations has created something called the U.N. Permanent Forum on People of African Descent (PFPAD – the acronym is awful unless you pronounce it “PuffPad.”) It’s probably another one of those U.N. bodies that surface every couple of years, makes an appallingly stupid and immoral announcement, then runs back to its hole to act busy and spend more of those sweet Turtle Bay Bucks

Last week, Justin Hansford, a professor at Howard University and Joe Biden’s nominee to PuffPad (PuffPad), “called on United Nations to establish a reparations court and explore options for offering some sort of ‘justice,’ to Black Americans, for slavery.”

Hansford stated that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech laid out the argument for reparations. However, the speech had been “distorted, cleaned up and drained its true radical vision.”

“Despite that, we can say with confidence that Dr. King was right when he said that the U.S. Constitution is a promissory bill that has not enough money to pay its Negro citizens.

Hmm. Sorry, I was wrong. He’s now remembered as a materialist who isn’t imaginative.

Justin Hansford, on the other hand, is a mystic and a seer.

It’s more evident than ever that justice in the 21st Century is based on reparations.

He then shook his hands and shouted “Can you dig this?”

It’s possible he didn’t say that last part, but tonally it would have fit.

He said that “White lawyers and scholars have dominated the narrative in determining what kind of reparations are to be given to Black people.”

Hansford hopes PuffPad will create a “new community for legal thinkers, not just lawyers but anyone passionate about justice.”

“We come together to demand that the many states in this room who have benefited from our oppression begin the process of apology and reparation. But not on their terms but on ours,” he concluded.

Can you dig it?

His students supposedly did some research and discovered that “90 reparations commissions have been established in the U.S. Since the death of George Floyd, in 2020.” That’s right, 90 American jurisdictions run by white leftists feeling really virtuous creating a committee or by cynics looking to buy off the mob.

“Hansford argued that reparations should not be seen as a gift or charity, but as a form of ‘justice’ and repair.'” Don’t even call it an extortion or “grift.”

PuffPad and the demand for reparations are both good strategies. The reparations group has the ear and respect of many anti-Americans. It knows that if they push it far enough, it could receive censure votes from China, Cuba, and Russia.

Big Reparations knows that no one in America cares about the squeaks from UN substructures, standing committees, or permanent forums – except Democrat politicians – exactly the people who they want to pressurize. The Dems are willing to tilt their heads at any windmill, except if it is federally subsidized, killing birds or ruining the landscape of flyovers.

Biden is using good tactics. He knows he will be dead by the time reparations are passed through Congress and Hunter may be eligible for parole. This is a good way to keep some reparations away from his plugs. Justin, old friend, we are creating a PuffPad. What is a PuffPad? I’m not certain, but I do believe it has nothing to do with hemorrhoids. How about you go and badmouth your own country to make us pay reparations?

The reparations scam should go international because, the sooner this happens, the more obvious the greed and illogic of it will be. As I said here some time ago:

I will pay my fair share as soon as Great Britain makes reparations to my Irish ancestors. Cornwallis was more brutal in Connacht, with his Catholic Laws and Penal Laws as well as Corn Laws. He also faced famines, land dispossessions, violent crackdowns, and famine. While I do not know how my family ancestors were affected by all of that, I welcome a scholarship from reparations scholars in order to go on a research trip into the old country to look at parish records, and land deeds, and to ask around in quaint village pubs, and golf links along the seaside.

I don’t think the Brits will pay the pounds until they receive reparations from Normans, Danes, and even Romans. Roman descendants in Italy can’t pay reparations until the Gauls and Visigoths paid for the sacking of the Eternal City. The Eastern Roman Empire might be able to pay reparations, but nope. The Turks will have to pay compensation — if the Arabs don’t get theirs.