50 People Shot, 10 Fatally This Weekend In Chicago

Chicago experienced another bloody weekend, as shootings broke out all over the city. For the second consecutive weekend, shooting fatalities reached double figures.

WLS-TV reported Sunday night that “at least 50 people were shot in Chicago this weekend. Ten of them died.”

During Memorial Day weekend, 51 people were shot in Chicago, 12 of them fatally.

This weekend’s gun violence included a tragic shooting at a mass in the Austin area of Chicago’s West Side.

Police report that a large group of people gathered in honor of a man killed four years ago in a fatal auto accident. A verbal argument erupted at the memorial for the deceased, and quickly escalated to a deadly shooting, according to Deputy Chief Adnardo Gutierrez of the Chicago Police Department.

Gutierrez told a Sunday press conference that “they were celebrating out there and then, something happened. A verbal altercation took place, and someone started shooting or multiple people started shooting.”

The video surveillance shows the exact moment when gunfire breaks out. The people at the event celebrating life run for their lives. The video shows a man behind a vehicle firing his gun.

Six other people were injured, including a 25-year old woman. The woman was declared dead at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Six other victims were also hospitalized. One of them, a 29-year old man with a critical chest injury was in critical condition.

As of Sunday, the police are still investigating this mass shooting. No suspects had been arrested.

Surveillance video captures moments after shots fired

Gun violence is not a weekend phenomenon.

CWB Chicago has released a chilling video showing a group criminals armed only with machine guns that they use to open fire on a crowd. The video shows what appears to be a fatal shooting which occurred around 8:20 pm on Wednesday.

The shocking video, released on Sunday, shows four armed suspects hiding behind bushes or a building and running through an empty lot. They then all burst out of hiding and fire a hailstorm into the crowd, which is not visible on the video. Two of the gunmen were using firearms that looked like machine guns.

CWB Chicago reported that “the offenders whose handguns generated automatic fire were probably using handguns with ‘Glock switch’, illegal after-market device which allows semi-automatic guns to fire more than 1 round with a simple trigger pull. These devices are illegal under federal and state laws.”

Pierre Johnson, 14, was killed in the shooting after being shot in his chest. Two men aged 18 and 19 were seriously injured. A man aged 21 was shot in his hand.

Chicago Police Department officers responded to the shooting. They arrived on the scene and a 16-year old boy was shooting at them.

The boy’s leg was found to have a gunshot injury, but it is not known if the police shot him or if this was the original shooting.

According to the police, the boy was arrested on six counts of attempted murder in first degree of peace officers. He also faces charges of three counts aggravated firing of a gun at a vehicle that contained peace officers and three counts aggravated firing of a gun toward an occupied car.