Biden’s Open Borders Policy Leads to Illegal Immigrants Sleeping In Chicago Police Station

Joe Biden has let the border crisis, and the illegal immigration, spiral out of control.

We’ve written a lot on the question of how he’s dealt with the problem. About a week ago, I wrote about how petty Joe Biden was when it came to the issue of the southern border wall. Former President Donald Trump completed about 450 miles of the wall and had more planned with materials set to go. But then when Joe Biden came in he immediately stopped it, and paid out millions to have it not built, with the material just sitting unused. Then when the Senate passed a bill that included a provision for the usage of that material for the wall or to give to the states for the wall, Biden started quietly selling off the material at a loss, in the event the House also passed the bill and he might be forced to use the material. That’s the petty guy we have in the White House right now who does not have the best interests of the country at heart.

His bad policy, and the open border policies, have caused a catastrophe in every city. The influx of illegal immigrants has overwhelmed them. On Monday, I saw a photo that shows the disastrous results of Biden’s policies. According to reports, this is the 12th District Police Station in Chicago.

The 16th and 17th District Chicago Police Scanner reports crime in the area.

This is inhumane. It is inhumane and dehumanizing for the residents of Chicago, as well as officers, migrants, and citizens seeking police services. You would think that Chicago, with all its time and money, would have found a better solution. We should demand an audit to see where the money was spent, considering this is still happening in a city that’s supposed to be world-class. This is not acceptable.

Indeed. How can you perform your duties if people are sleeping in your lobby? If you look closely, the sleeping people are right next to cubicles with computers where people may be working. How can you be sure that your information is secure? And how can you complete your tasks? This is crazy.

It gets worse. It’s not just one station. People are staying at police stations throughout the city. The last time we counted, there were 1,100 people. More are likely to arrive. According to the Fraternal order of police’s head, the police are furious over this situation and want City Hall, to let them experience it.

“I don’t believe there is a single one living in City Hall – whether it’s the County Lobby floor or the City Hall Floor. It’s possible to fit a few hundred people in the lobby, but not in their office. “But they have no problem with putting them in our workspace,” Catanzara stated. Why be hypocritical?

Catanzara thought it “so absurd” that there was mail. Migrants use police district addresses to get their mail. CPS is now recruiting migrant kids to register with CPS, just so they can have the number within two weeks and grab as much revenue as possible. They don’t really care if these children go to school. “This is a big deal to too many people.”

In the 10th district, there have been other allegations of police engaging in inappropriate sexual relations with foreigners.

In the middle of July, Mayor Brandon Johnson said that tackling the problem was his number one priority. Johnson’s claims are not credible, since the problem has only worsened. While Johnson has failed, the real problem is Biden. This problem would not exist if he had shut the door and policed the border properly. Joe Biden is America. He and his Democratic colleagues are responsible. What will they say in response? Most likely, they will try to indict former president Donald Trump once again.