Another Christmas Parade Horror Leaves 11-Year-Old Girl Dead and Truck Driver Arrested

A Christmas parade in America turned deadly for the second time in two years. Darrell Brooks, a Wisconsin man, was convicted last month of driving his car through a Christmas parade at Waukesha on November 21st, 2021. He killed six people and injured many more. An 11-year-old girl, who was performing in the North Carolina Christmas parade, died after the brakes of a truck that towed a float were reported to have failed.

Landen Christopher Glass (20 years old) was driving a GMC Denali for the CC & Company Dance Complex. This dance complex provided one of many floats and teams that participated in the annual Raleigh Christmas Parade. According to reports, the truck’s brakes failed and the driver lost control of the truck at some point along the parade route.

Witnesses say that Glass honked his horn repeatedly and shouted from the window that he couldn’t stop the truck. He also warned people to get out of the way. Although most people were able to escape safely, Hailey Brooks, an 11-year-old member of CC & Company Dance Complex, was struck by the truck at a low rate of speed. She later died at a local hospital.

Worth Creech, a witness later said that they suddenly saw a truck coming towards them. “They were able to get most of them out of the way.” “We saw one girl get run over.”

Witnesses, police officers, and parade officials finally brought down the truck.

Glass was a former dancer at the CC & Company Dance Complex. He was reportedly affiliated with the group since 2018. Glass was also charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle death, careless and reckless driver, improper equipment, and unsafe movement, and carrying a firearm during a parade. Glass was released on a $4,000 bond, and will appear in court again in January.

Glass, who is said to “work on safety systems for cars,” was ticketed in the past year for various non-moving vehicle violations. Four citations were issued to Glass, including one for failure to inspect the Denali. One was even issued as recently as October 30. He was also issued citations for improper exhaust system and no marker lights. However, the Denali is not the vehicle that these citations relate to.

Glass was issued tickets for “no inspection”, tint violations, improper gear, and speed according to the arrest warrant. The arrest warrant stated that all of the tickets were issued in Virginia and not North Carolina. Glass has no criminal record or traffic history.

WTVD reported that WTVD believed the truck had been modified using a lift kit, after-market wheels, and rims.

Glass would not issue a statement, according to the family. A family representative will issue a statement later.

The community has come together to grieve the loss of Hailey. One memorial says, “Hailey, dancing in Jesus’ arms!” Carolina Charter Academy, a school in the area Hailey did not attend at the moment but could have attended in the future, released a statement to honor Hailey’s memory: “She does not currently attend CCA. We know that Hailey was a loved one and many of your children have been affected by her passing.