Allegations Surface Pointing to Disturbing Behavior by the Biden Family

New details of Hunter Biden’s behavior, enabled and supported by his parents, are confirming just how disgusting the Biden family is.

The Free Beacon reports that the degenerate child of the president refused to have any contact with Navy’s mother during her pregnancy. He cut them off from their finances and refused to see a photo of his daughter, whom he now disowns. Hunter Biden also did not support Lunden Roberts’ “decision”, implying that he was upset that she had not aborted the child.

Hunter Biden’s text messages reveal that he dropped out of touch a few weeks into his wife’s pregnancy, cut her salary and insurance shortly after her birth, and refused to see a photo of her newborn. Initially, he had her on the payroll of his company to cover her healthcare costs during her pregnancy. She did not seek child support in court until months after Biden had cut off her health insurance.

Hunter Biden reopened his paternity case in September last year, saying that he couldn’t afford to pay Roberts $20,000 per month in child support as he agreed during his father’s 2020 presidential campaign. He also wants the court to prevent the child from using the last name “Biden”.

Hunter Biden initially denied that he is the father of the girl until a DNA test ordered by a court proved him wrong. He said he had “no memory” of sleeping with Roberts in 2017 after they met, noting that at the time he used drugs and had a number of casual partners.

According to texts, Roberts was in constant contact with Hunter Biden and they discussed her pregnancy during the first few weeks. He added her as a payroll employee at Owasco P.C. with health insurance. The text messages show that Biden wasn’t happy about Roberts being pregnant, and he stopped contacting her when she was three months old.

I can’t imagine treating my child in that manner. Hunter Biden was not just a reluctant father, trying to navigate a difficult situation that he created. He was an aggressor who wanted to punish his child just for being born. He is still fighting to deny the last name of his daughter in court. It is amazing how evil someone can be to behave in such a way.

What makes this situation even worse is that Joe and Jill Biden are involved in it all. It would be one thing if Hunter Biden had done what he did, and his parents had rebuked him or picked up the slack. Joe Biden, for example, has openly supported his son’s horrific behavior.

Joe and Jill Biden have never tried to include their granddaughter in their lives. They have not even hung a Christmas stocking for their granddaughter. This makes them as guilty as their son in this horrifying situation.

I am past the point where I can pretend that any member of Biden’s family has an ounce or two of decency. This is a statement that is based on facts, not political animus. How could someone disown his own granddaughter to become president? How has America fallen so far that it would tolerate this from its leaders?

The Bidens have shown us who they really are. The press must stop making excuses and we should all believe them. I would venture to say that the Bidens represent the most dysfunctional and abjectly moral public family of modern times.