A Police Manual Called Antifa ‘Dirty Hippies’ And They Aren’t Happy About It

The Antifa terrorist group has caused multiple millions of dollars in damage to Portland. After assassinating Trump supporters, members looted and destroyed property and intimidated and attacked others.

You would expect Portland’s mayor, chief of police, and other government officials to be angry about this. They now have something worse to make them mad.

Mayor Ted Wheeler was repeatedly chased by mob members and forced to flee because of Antifa’s threats to his life. He now orders an investigation into a “disgusting” image found in a training manual.

The mayor of Portland said that he was “disgusted that offensive content had been included in a training presentation for officers.” He said that he was disgusted by the mockery of the Portland Professional Protesters and that he reached back to Chief Lovell immediately he found out about the training manual. He expressed his concern and assured him of an investigation.

We regret to inform you that Ted Wheeler was able to have a successful bypass surgery to restore his sense of humor.

The supposedly offensive image — a silly meme — depicts Antifa as dirty, patchouli-oil-smelling hippies. Naturally, it was discovered during lawsuit discovery as lawyers searched training manuals for something to sue Antifa. These lawyers will undoubtedly invoke the first amendment against rioters. This means that taxpayers will cover their fees.

Antifa could not help but take offense at the image.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and their comrades in the communist Portland Professional Protester brigades protested against the defunding police. This resulted in a $15M decrease in funding. Many officers had to retire or quit mid-career to find work that appreciated their efforts.

The slide is a joke. It’s unlikely that this will alter the way police deal with protestors, such as kneeling before them.

KOIN News reported that the slide’s creator is unknown and the slide could have been presented at a training session. According to KOIN News, the slide could have been created as early as 2018 span.

Chief Lovell was stunned by the meme because it “contraries PPB’s values” as well as “contrary to what we are trying to achieve as an organization.” 

It would make Portland a better place if it emphasized the welfare of law-abiding and productive citizens over worries about chaotic, violent dirty hippies.