You’re Not Alone if You Don’t Believe in Transgenderism

Transgenderism is a topic that can easily make you feel isolated.

Twitter banned me from speaking out about transgenderism. Lia Thomas’s team was afraid to speak out against him and only did so anonymously to avoid retribution. Hollywood pushes transgender ideology and medical professionals are forced to accept it.

Recognizing that there are only two genders and that it is impossible to change one, can make you feel isolated. You might also feel that you are surrounded by people who have drunk the Kool-Aid.

It’s false, and I am here to prove it.

McLaughlin & Associates polled 64% of Americans to find transgenderism not healthy. This is a significant increase from the previous poll. This is a large majority. Unfortunately, 34% of those surveyed are afraid to talk about it, while only 30% are.

We can restore sanity and protect our children if we all voice our opposition to it. 92% of Americans are against the gender transition procedure for minors, while 72% oppose radical leftist gender theories being taught in schools.

“Everywhere Americans turn, media and education culture bombard us with constant, daily messages supporting Transgenderism without boundaries. These staggering numbers clearly show that despite this intense marketing, the vast majority of Americans don’t buy what they are being sold. According to Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries, who collaborated with McLaughlin & Associates for the poll, a large majority of Americans don’t believe this issue belongs anywhere near their children. We also see the chilling effect this propaganda has on society. This research shows that millions of people disagree with what they see but are afraid to voice their opinions. This poll is expected to spark important conversations that will allow us to address these important issues as a nation.

Transgender cults want you to believe you belong in the minority if you don’t agree with them. This is to make it seem like you are powerless to stop them from recruiting your children and destroying your family. You are not alone. You must speak up to end this cancerous plague infecting America, especially the young and impressionable.