Women Reject Standing at Podium After Transgender Cyclist Wins Women’s Category

A transgender cyclist won the women’s category in a gravel race but stood alone on the winners’ podium after the event.

The second-and third-place winners refused to appear at the medal ceremony after Lesley Mumford won her age group in the 100-mile Desert Gravel Co2Ut. Mumford was born a male and transitioned to a female in 2017.

Mumford shared a photo on Instagram showing her alone at the podium, smiling and holding a medal for first place.

“I have no idea why so many people bailed before the podiums, but they did,” Mumford wrote after finishing ahead of 43 female athletes in the 40-49 division.

Mumford placed sixth overall in the female category.

Mumford chose to compete in the women’s category, even though there was a nonbinary division.

Mumford beat Lindsey Kriete’s time by 17 minutes. Kriete came in second, and Michelle Van Sickle was third.

There have been no public comments made by either Van Sickle or Kriete about their decision to not join Mumford on the podium.

Riley Gaines, a former Kentucky swimmer, took to Twitter saying “Enough!”

“Empty podium, except for the man who finished naturally atop of all the women in the women’s category. He could have easily competed in the non-binary/trans category. Keep it up, girls! Gaines tweeted this.

The three-time Olympian, Tour de France medalist, called the actions of the runners in second and third place “silent demonstrations.”

The silent protests have begun! Thompson wrote.

Mumford worked in law enforcement for 17 years before beginning her transition six years ago. Mumford, according to CBS News was the first transgender law enforcement officer who had command-level experience to transition.

Mumford was employed by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. She recalled an incident where her son informed her coworkers of her transition.

The sheriff said, “Hey, I heard that there were some rumors as to why we are here today.” Mumford remembered this during an interview with Summit Daily.

“Devin, my 7-year-old-son, raises his hand, stands up on his chair, and says, ‘Because my mom’s going to tell you she’s transgender.’