Witness at Congressional Hearing Claims Men Can Have Pregnancies, Especially Trans Men

On Thursday, Dr. Bhavik Kumar (a witness at the House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing) stated that men can get pregnant. Kumar described himself on social media as a “Family Medicine physician” and an “Abortion and Trans care provider in the South.”

Andrew Clyde, a Republican Representative from Georgia, asked Kumar if biological men could get pregnant and have children. Kumar replied that men could have pregnancies, particularly trans men.

It is absurd to claim that men can become pregnant. Transgender men are biological women disguised as men and biological men cannot get pregnant.

Clyde asked the question, asking Kumar if Kumar was suggesting a biological mother who identifies herself as a male and becomes pregnant is actually a woman.

Kumar stated that “these questions about who can get pregnant are really missing what the point is,” indicating that the topic was not something he was there for. Kumar stated that “somebody with a potential pregnancy may be able to,” adding that it doesn’t “make any difference” whether the person is a woman or a man. Not everyone who has a uterus can become pregnant.

This exchange revealed the absurdity of radical leftist gender ideology that has been spreading throughout society.

Clyde stated that regardless of their identity, “men cannot get pregnant or… give birth,” and that it doesn’t matter how they identify.

Kumar described abortion bans in remarks made earlier during the hearing as “inherently racism, inherently classist and fundamentally” a part of “the white supremacy agenda.”


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Clyde asked Kumar if he had performed “likely thousands of” abortions.

“Trans people exist. There are many options for trans people to have abortions. Gender-affirming healthcare is just as important as abortion. Kumar tweeted Thursday that he would not allow bullies to silence me or prevent him from advocating for trans and abortion care.