Why Is the Media Silent as Leftist Groups Firebomb More Pro-Life Clinics?

If you are not focused on pro-life issues you might not be aware that there has been a spate of leftwing terror attacks at pro-life clinics, churches, billboards, and other locations across the country. The CompasCare office for women and children that offers pro-life services was set on fire by a pro-abortion group responsible for at least one other incident in the country.

Graffiti left by arsonists on a building refers to Jane’s Revenge, an abortion terrorist group. It could also have been responsible in May for the firebombing of a Madison, Wisconsin pro-life group. The group has vandalized or destroyed numerous churches and pregnancy centers.

We covered the firebombings in the past, and one of my colleagues noted that violence is increasing rapidly.

This disgusting incident prompted open calls for violence in the responses. The replies from pro-abortion zealots encouraged further violence against those who try to protect the unborn.

On Saturday, I posted a social media post stating that the country would be intractably divided over the next month. Things are only beginning to get darker. While I do not say it with any joy, how can society exist if one side believes in violence against people who don’t want their babies to be stabbed in the head and sucked from the womb?

A man named Robert Lewis Dear Jr. murdered three people and injures nine others in a Planned Parenthood clinic near Colorado Springs seven years ago. For days, the news was in the headlines. He was an anti-abortion advocate and called himself a “warrior to the babies”. He was clearly unhinged, and, despite his pro-life claims, took lives in an unspeakable act.

Extremists have been a part of the pro-life movement, and they are often covered by the media. This kind of violence is unacceptable and should be condemned. Even though the story of the New York woman who took fetuses from an abortion clinic was scandalous, mainstream media covered it for days. She believed the clinic was guilty of wrongdoing, and the fetuses were proof of that suspicion.

The media remains silent when it comes to violence against pro-life organizations. Jane’s Revenge, the extremist group behind these attacks, believes that if abortion rights aren’t secure, then pro-life clinics should not be. To believe that babies don’t have a right to life is a serious detachment. Women who oppose abortion should not be able to access places that can help them through unplanned pregnancies or that are compatible with their beliefs.

We live in an era where the extreme has become mainstream, especially on the left. Because it comes from their political side, the media won’t cover it. It’s also coming from a group that’s not nearly as fringe as you might think.

This is the problem. You’ll find headline after headline if you do a Google search on Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. If you search for “CompassCare Buffalo”, you will only see a link to the LifeNews article I linked above. You’ll need to scroll down to find it. It is not featured in any media outlets.

Our side should be called out for their insane and extreme behavior. Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. should be denounced. The left must call out their side and the media should not ignore any side. Political violence is becoming more dangerous and we can’t ignore these dangers.