Why Aren’t Democrats’ Attacks on Election Deniers Working?

Democrats spent over $50 million to promote Republican candidates. You might be asking, “What’s the deal?” Why would Democrats do this in the name of all things good and holy?

Democrats believed that promoting “election deniers,” during the primaries, would pay off in November when Democratic candidates could portray the Republicans as “extremist”. However, the GOP candidates in Pennsylvania and Illinois — both strong Trump supporters – are suffering while the Republican Senate candidate in New Hampshire Donald Bolduc (retired Army Brigadier General) is closing in on Maggie Hassan.

There are nearly 300 Republicans who are “election deniers”, and they are running for office. Democrats are becoming hysterical at the near certainty that many of them will win. They predict the end of democracy. They warn of the end to our right of vote.

Hence, why isn’t America’s democracy being threatened by the Democrats? Are voters not passionate about America? Do they care?

Spectator USA:

The problem is that the Democrats accidentally admitted that their “threats” to democracy were only political theater by donating money to candidates they claimed to be “threats.”

Their strategy hinges not only on this inconvenient truth but also on whether voters believe that being an election denier is disqualifying a candidate.

We don’t think so, based on the evidence we see in many of these races throughout the country. According to polls, inflation is the top concern for most voters.

How could voters care more about money in a time like this?

It’s not that voters aren’t concerned about democracy. It’s just that they “assigned greater urgency” to concerns about the economy rather than to worries about the future of the country’s politics.

It’s not as important to voters as left-wing media outlets would like it to be.

This is an alarming revelation for beltway Democrats. The only thing left of the Democratic Party is screaming about election deniers, and that includes abortion. They had hoped that this accusation would be a big hit with voters.

Questioning elections is like questioning the mental fitness and abilities of politicians. It’s okay so long as a Democrat does it.

Voters tend to be more pragmatic and less ideological than commentators from the right and left. They are far too busy having babies, raising kids, and making ends meet to hear the endless rantings of politicians on abortion or “election denier” issues.

Grace Curley, Spectator USA writer writes that “maybe Republicans and Democrats have come face to face with the sad fact that this is just how American politics is today.” But the truth is, Democrats also deny the results and are rarely called out for it. Perhaps that’s why voters don’t worry as much about democracy as leftists would like them to.