Where Are the Visionaries in the GOP?

In the coming days and weeks, the GOP consultant class will be huffing the copium hard to find a way to balance their extravagant salaries with their inability to pay 2022. After a disappointing election season, Georgia was defeated.

There are legitimate concerns about voter fraud, the effects of early voting/mail-in voting, bias in the media, and so on.

Winners find ways to win, despite all that. The real reason that the GOP didn’t perform well was the fact that it had a lot of losers who offered little to voters.

Candidates must be strong enough to overcome all electioneering tricks used by Democrats, Deep State, and obvious biases in corporate media. They must be so popular and likable, and their vision so compelling that they can defeat the dirty tactics of their opponents. They must be unavoidable.

We won’t tell ourselves lies. The current class isn’t any of these things.

Two candidates were particularly suckers: Herschel and Dr. Mehmet, two vapid celebrities who are backed by Trump with apparently limited moral fortitude.

They are all driven by vanity. Walker and Oz would have served as empty vessels for the donor classes to use. It was obvious to everyone; the voters could smell it. To borrow from Biden’s campaign promise to his DNC donors, “Nothing would fundamentally change” if Walker or the TV physician had won. It’s why it’s almost irrelevant that neither Walker nor the TV doctor could win their highly winnable races.

Georgia is where I am. What I am not is a mindless Republican cheerleader. If that’s your passion, you can watch Sean Hannity. Walker representing Georgia would have been ineffective and embarrassing, to add insult to injury. Each week, a new abortion that he funded came to light. While displaying his Christian credentials like the fake police force prop he brought to the Warnock debate, Walker also showed off his Christian credentials. He spoke recently about renting children to see movies for them. He wondered “What the hell is a pronoun?” about LGBTQ social engineering. It obscured and defeated what could have been a winning and salient point.

Walker is the antithesis of Midas, lacking any rhetorical skills to complement his complete lack of morality and vision.

It turns out that we, the populist right in general, need more than lapel flag pins and empty platitudes about communists to get voters to vote for someone. Let me challenge you: Name one policy position Walker has emphasized with a gusto that really drove home the point.

Standards are essential.

When it comes to standards for applicants to the U.S. Senate. The august legislative body is now inhabited, by a stroke victim, who literally cannot talk due to another electoral dump taken from Dr. Oz.

Imagine feeling so uninspired that you couldn’t beat someone who has just suffered a terrible medical emergency.

Trump, the big man, could not muster enough enthusiasm to beat Biden, who has been and will always be a careerist with no talent. He has been accused of rape. He is a proven liar and makes absurd claims such as finishing at the top of his law class. He tells outrageous stories about children jumping on his lap and letting them rub his legs in public pools.

All this to say, whatever the Democrats did in order to boost Biden with the help of the corporate media, Deep State, and the corporate media, it should not have been enough for a zombie child sex predator to rise to the top. 2020 shouldn’t have been so close. Biden’s victory is a direct indictment of the opponent’s quality.

The average person is now Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Normal people won’t vote for the 1990s-era political rhetoric anymore.

The corrupt political system needs to be seriously overhauled. We need someone who is not only willing to use #DraintheSwamp to sell products, but also has the ovarian fortitude and determination to make it happen.

Leaders are essential.