What Does The Most Horrific War of The 21st Century Look Like?

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine posted Thursday a video showing the devastation caused by Russian rocket attacks during the war.

This clip features aerial views of a series of blasts that rocked the Ukrainian countryside, sending smoke plumes and shockwaves into the sky.

The Ministry of Defense stated that this is the largest and most terrible war of the 21st Century. “Ukraine is ready for a retaliatory strike.”

However, to do this, the Ministry states that it needs multiple launch rocket systems “NATO-style”.

The video was taken near Novomykhailivka, the Donetsk Region of eastern Ukraine. This is the region that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military has been focusing on after losing Kyiv.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and the invasion lasted for 92 days.

In a Facebook post, the Ukrainian military stated Thursday that Russia’s enemy continues to conduct offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone. They also continue to launch missiles and airstrikes against infrastructure in Ukraine.

It also stated that ten enemy attacks had been defeated in Donetsk-Luhansk. Four tanks, two artillery systems, an armored personnel carrier, and a car were all destroyed during the last 24 hours. “Air defense units destroyed five Orlan-10 UAVs.”