Voters Play the Sucker After Court Nukes Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Joe Biden’s scheme to forgive student loans was hit again Monday when a federal appeals court placed an indefinite injunction blocking the scheme. This came just days after a Texas federal judge did the exact same thing, effectively putting Biden’s big promise on hold.

Six GOP-led states won a major battle at the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

This is not surprising considering the precarious legal basis for Biden’s decision. Biden was trying to use a 20-year-old law that was passed after 9/11 to help service personnel in times of national crisis. In order to provide a better response to national security concerns, the idea was that debt could possibly be forgiven.

Under the totally arbitrary and unsupported pretext of COVID-19 being a national emergency, the White House tried to use that provises for student debt cancellations in mass quantities. It is hard to believe that the mental gymnastics required to get there were anything but extraordinary. If they had been allowed to stand up to scrutiny, it would have established a precedent for anyone can do whatever the law says. The Biden administration will undoubtedly appeal. However, I am confident that the Supreme Court will ultimately take up the matter and end it.

But that’s not all the story. The real story is about how many millions of people voted for Democrats in the last election, believing they were receiving a huge handout from the government. Consider the extent of corruption that occurred. Biden made an illegal order to buy the election, even though he knew it was illegal because of past comments. After the election, the illegal order is overturned and the White House ceases accepting applications. This signaled a surrender on this issue. However, by that point, all votes had been cast and it was too late for anything to be changed. It was too late.

What is stopping Democrats from playing that game every election? There are no real sanctions unless they are imposed by the courts. I don’t know what those might be because I am not a lawyer. However, I do know that this will continue to happen if it becomes another “no harm no foul” situation. It is my hope that the voters will get the message and realize they are being duped, and then stop falling for the trap. It’s not likely, though.

However, the student loan mess should never have been supported in the first instance, and I don’t think voters were wrong to vote for Biden. It was clear from the start how morally illogical it was to allow a large majority of the country to pay off the debts of a small minority. It didn’t matter that the small minority was far more fortunate than the workers who were asked to pay the bill. Voters who rushed to give Democrats credit for such a feat deserve the governance they receive.