Vigilante Mob Burns 13 Gang Members Alive on Haiti’s Streets with Gas-Filled Tires

In Port-au-Prince (the capital of Haiti), a mob is reported to have beaten and burned suspected members of gangs to death.

Social media was flooded with videos showing the vigilantes burning tires around the necks of alleged gang leaders.

The incident began when members of the criminal gangs broke into homes early in the morning on Monday.

“It was three in the morning.” We were invaded by gangs. The shooting was constant. The neighborhood is peaceful, and all of the residents are peaceful,” said a resident to AFP.

Later, the Haitian National Police rounded up several suspected gang members, and the residents saw their opportunity for revenge.

The suspected gang members were beaten and then burnt to death.

A statement by the Haitian National Police stated that “more than a dozen people riding in this vehicle were unfortunately killed by members of their population.”

A 15-year-old resident told AFP the residents were prepared to attack the gangs again if they necessary.

“We will defend ourselves if the gangs invade us!” The unnamed resident stated. “We had machetes and our weapons!” “We will take their guns, and we will not run!”

Haitians were trying to cope with the chaos that had erupted following the assassination in July 2021 of President Jovenel Moisé.

Haiti’s Prime Minster Ariel Henry has praised the Haitian National Police (HNP) for helping to restore “order and peacefulness in our cities, neighborhoods, and streets.”

According to reports, criminal gangs control large regions of the country which is also experiencing a humanitarian crisis.

“The gang has invaded the neighborhood. We want to see the police confronting them. We are on our own. We have nothing,” said a resident.

Here’s a local report on the incident.