Videos Keep Emerging of Brave Men Rescuing Others Caught in Hurricane Ian

Several videos showing brave men who risked everything to save others trapped in Hurricane Ian have emerged amid the videos of strong winds, torrential rain, and flooding.

Fox News, for example, reported on “Good Samaritans,” who helped an elderly man in Bonita Springs, Florida, trapped in his car.

“We saw an elderly gentleman struggling in his car,” stated Benny. “And we knew he needed our help.”

Benny and others, possibly associated with the Collier County Cowboys group, arrived at the man’s vehicle and discovered that the driver was locked inside. Benny stated that the driver was too shocked to open the door and was too scared to get out.

Benny said that all the men remained determined to grab the door and open it. “The man was in shock and didn’t want the door to be opened. We assured him that we would be there to help.

The man was then carried by several men through waist-high water to safety. Another man appeared to pick up some of his personal effects from the car.

The Instagram account @colliercountycowboys_ shared a video of the daring rescue:

It is unknown what the name of the man they saved is.

A nearby woman, Bonita Beach, allegedly recorded a video of her boyfriend Michael, who rescued a cat that had been abandoned or was otherwise separated from its owner.

My boyfriend saved a cat from flooding waters near Bonita Beach. #HurricaneIan #Naples #Bonita #FortMyers,” tweeted user Megan Cruz Scavo.

Nearly 200,000 people have liked the tweet, and over 3.5 million people have viewed the video.

Many videos show first responders helping victims of Hurricane Ian. One video shows a member from the Naples Fire-Rescue Department using an axe to free a woman trapped in her car by the flood.

A Facebook message that was included with the video reads: “Please let this lesson be a lesson to keep the roads clear of flooding.”

Fox News reports that the National Guard has also performed “dozens of” rescues after Hurricane Ian.