UFC Legend Nate Diaz Wanted In New Orleans On Battery Charge

Nate Diaz, a UFC legend who is soon to be a pro boxer, has been sought in New Orleans after an altercation outside a boxing match resulted in Diaz choking a man into unconsciousness.

Fox News reports that Diaz has been charged with second-degree assault, arising from an April 21, 2023 Misfits boxing event Diaz was at in support of a close friend.

The next morning police responded to “a large altercation”. They found a man that appeared unconscious and was bleeding from his back of the head.

Police: “Nate Diaz was arrested after an investigation,” they said. He has been charged with second degree battery.

On video, a man who appeared to be Diaz stood in front of another before the two men engaged. Diaz choked the man with a standing-guillotine choke, and then rendered him unconscious.

Jake Shields, a former UFC fighter, took to Twitter to defend Diaz. He posted a frame by frame breakdown of the altercation. Shields said that Diaz acted in self-defense.

Shields concluded, “I am biased but it is clear that this is self-defense.”

Rodney Petersen is the creator of TikTok, and has more than 200,000 followers.

Petersen was seen in a video appearing to have suffered a head injury after he fell unknowingly.

Petersen, who had blood on his neck and face, said: “I don’t even know what I did.” “But, I tell you something, I am going to knock him out the f*** when I see him coming. Dude, you caught me by surprise. Logan, what did you think I was?

According to the Daily Mail, UFC president Dana White commented on the incident and said that Diaz “is going to be sued like a motherfu**er.”

White said, “That guy bounced his head like a basketball.”

Diaz’s final UFC match was in September 2022 when he beat fellow legend Tony Ferguson. The 38-year old claims that he will still fight Conor McGregor a third-time, and has told McGregor’s opponent Michael Chandler in March 2023 to not defeat him.

Diaz will currently face YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul on August 20, 2023.